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The purpose of the Ascension Portal is to provide a unique, powerful heart-centered healing community for people who are committed to spiritual growth, personal development, and reaching their full potential in this lifetime while inspiring others to do the same, demonstrating that it is possible to be successful, awake, happy and fulfilled, no matter what the personal history or circumstances. We aim to become one of the world’s largest communities of empowered, spiritually awakened, heart-centered, fulfilled people inspiring global wellbeing, stability and peace.

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The Weekly Healing Ceremony

Spend 2 hours every Saturday with Niki in the live healing webinar where she provides in depth further training and guidance on all 7 secrets to ascension and participate in a powerful 30 minute group meditation

New meditations every week!

Each week Niki releases a new meditation available for streaming in the Portal, with over 20 categories of music including piano, flute, electronic, chanting to Native American, Japanese and Indian themes

Weekly Zoom Calls

Join the popular live Saturday Zoom calls for sharing your experience with fellow Portal members live, and to volunteer for a Hot Seat where the coaching team provides live coaching during the call

Ascension Teachings Program

Access crucial training videos on the tools and challenges of Ascension, with links to all related up to date healing ceremonies and access almost 90 interview with world-class speakers from the Trauma Mind-Body Superconference

Divine Pendulum Testing Program

Access pendulum training videos and join the volunteer live Sunday pendulum testing group where each week, we test 15 questions on fascinating topics and Niki provides feedback on the accuracy of the group results to build competence and confidence in your abilities. 

Access to the weekly Healing Ceremony Archives!

Access to replays of all the Saturday weekly healing ceremony sessions since the beginning of 2022. All important Healing Ceremonies are highlighted and categorized into the 7 themes/secrets of Ascension

Private Members Forum

Join  100s of people in the Private Members Forum for support and community, members share their progress, inspirational experiences and information,  challenging experiences, and much more to stay connected.

Live Q and A

Join a Live 2 hour Q and A on Zoom with Niki to ask questions about all aspects of Ascension covered in the 7 core Secrets to Ascension. Questions are submiited in the member’s Forum in advance.

What People Are Saying

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the healing circle and how much it meant to me. I’ve had some major emotional shift, and often feel joy and peace in a way I’ve never experienced before. I now understand why I came to this planet in a way I never did before. Sometimes during meditations I feel so much happiness and love it seems my heart will burst. These are new experiences for me and have been incredible guess and I can’t thank you enough for them. I’ve done the meditations every day since mid November, when I first discovered your circle, and only missed three or four times. I’ve also brought three friends to the circle and they’re all enjoying it. I can honestly say that this is The most important thing I’ve done in my life… And I’ve done a lot of things! I think, throughout the Covid craziness, I would’ve been totally lost without it. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Joanne W

 I must say, after being on the Sound Healing calls every single Sunday since they began, I have let go of and healed deeply held parts of my life. Thank you for your commitment to all of us. It has changed how I look at life( mine), how I interact with family and friends, and my personal priorities. I wouldn’t have believed it all possible before the Sound Healings! You and your compassion are truly a gift to my life. Blessings for a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Ginny M

Thanks for the healing circle it really has transformed my life not necessary from the outside but spirituality and emotionally i am a completely differently person and the love i am starting to feel in my heart for myself/others and life again Im really grateful for, i do the meditations daily i have severe history if early abuse so can definitely advoctate that the meditations are really good for me and life changing, its exciting that ive only just started too!

Sara H

I want to thank Niki for the transformation and miracles I have experienced since starting the  healing circle since September. My physical body, CFS and fibromyalgia is improved. I have been detached from my body for 72 years.  My attachment trauma and complex trauma in my childhood is slowly improving. I am an identical twin , highly sensitive, empathic and have an ET soul. My miracle is finally starting to love myself. I really have no words to express my gratitude to Niki . Living in the presence is my goal for peace and calm and self love for myself and others. Thank you again,

Barbara D

I am one of your students who joined in September. I knew all my therapies to date were not getting to the root of my healing from both my generational DNA or from my childhood were being healed. I have been on a Spiritual path since the early 70’s, but I wasn’t finding my true path, till you showed up with your Healing Circle in September and I knew I found it then. Your knowledge vibrates my excitement to learn and grow, your love and compassion shows me how to heal all past wounds, and your Ascension path, teaches me where I want to be on this physical planet. When I joined you, I was broken, lost my major contract with a major big firm as a Fashion & Textile designer, when Covid showed up. Having a compromised immune system for 36 years now and have had, SIBO, Chronic Asthma, Cardio myopathy, the list is long and debilitating. Then you showed up with your Healing circle and I knew this is exactly what I needed to find myself through this maze of emotions, confusion and fear of where I was going. I can say doing your weekly Teaching and Healing Circle and meditation for the last 10 months, have shifted me so much that I am not the same person I was back then. I am so centered, confident, more open to love, happiness, and my health is the best it has been in 72 years of my life. I have never had a teacher in the 72 years of being on this planet, but your teaching for me is about knowledge, Love , healing, forgiveness, and so much more, and this is what I have been looking for all these years and you showed up exactly when I was 100% ready to receive your gifts. I had my monthly nurse come today and when she did my BP, it was 100 over 60, that is so different to my usual of 135 Systolic over 80 Diastolic, so I know that I am on the right  path to healing. With Gratitude for your arrival in my life. Namaste, Love & Light,

Donna S

Firstly I would like to say how greatly appreciate your weekly healing circle and how sorry I am that I wasn’t in the group from the start. Let me tell you a bit about myself and how you helped me. When I joined the group at last I found a ground to stand on, a language that I could understand as if you were speaking my language and playing the same notes. I felt I was numbed and suddenly started to feel again. I can see and feel that after all these years I have found my path again. I am supper excited even though I know this is just the beginning but already in a short few months since I joined have seen and felt a lot of positive changes. I feel my old me has come to life again. I thank you so much Niki for all the time and effort you put in with so much love and care to help everyone in the group. Lots of love and a big hug

Shaheen H

I really want to thank you. I’ve learned so much. It’s like a dream really. I’ve led a spiritual life with its ups and down and really so many doors felt closed to me. The thought of awakening and being free felt like too much to ask for. Now the doors have been flung open and we live in this time of infinite possibility. With my severe ME and some karma I’m going through I look forward to continue working with you. Since I started listening to you miracles have taken place. I am now living in a brand new apartment with lake and valley views and today I got a quantum edge 3 electric wheelchair named q in pink and black which will give me so much more freedom. The most amazing thing is I feels like I’ve crossed the river to the other side. That the nonphysical in me is now truly my home (with some hiccups) in all of its infinity. And love. Do your meditations everyday with my rests. Have my harmoni pendant. Blessings love and light to you Niki

Laura P

First of all, thanks for your generosity and wisdom you shared with us during these months. My experience in the Healing Circle was wonderful. I started in January. Your webinars were mind blowing for me. First, I only did your meditations several times a week and listened your explanations and Q and A sessions. I didn’t have such strong experiences during meditations as some other members of our circle had but it was always a purifying experience for me. I noticed that with your meditations I started to feel more the energy flow throughout my body, sometimes even some emotions trapped in my energy meridians and to understand better the blockages I had in my 5th chakra. The last month I started to repeat the commands. I noticed a lot of subtle changes. Anyway, now I feel better than ever. I’m more radiant and intuitive, I have more energy, feel stronger emotionally, less reactive and my relation with my adolescent son is excellent now (after your wonderful advice to not try to resolve his emotional traumas, let him find his way on his own and just keep working with my own emotional staff). Thank you again for all you have done for us! Love!

Marina F

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Niki is a renowned Spiritual Teacher and Personal Development coach who inspires people to realize their full potential no matter what their personal history or circumstances.

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Niki’s vision is to create one of the world’s largest communities of empowered, spiritually awakened, heart-centered, fulfilled people inspiring global wellbeing, stability and peace.

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve been listening to your weekly sound healings almost since the beginning last Fall. A kind of depression I’ve had since my teenage years has vanished completely. Something no amount of bodywork or energy healing was able to touch. Also gone are feelings of anxiety and fear that would keep me off balance often. I could meditate or temporarily relax using various methods but it would return. I am grounded and calm even with everything happening in the world. I feel like my positive peaceful self without having to fight with these other emotions. I can notice reactions and allow them to pass. Like you say, each time I listen to the meditations the experience is different and healing in a new way. With the Ascension meditation I have some amazing journeying experiences. Today’s group session brought calm and clarity and relaxation on a deep level. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. This has been a miraculous shift for me and I look forward to continuing the process!In Gratitude,”

Jane A

First, I can tell you that you and your weekly sessions saved me from a nervous breakdown, truly. Second, having your healing circle to listen to on a weekly basis was so important to have some structure during such an uncertain time/space. Third, having free access to all your meditations was so helpful during unsettling financial times. Thank you hardly seems strong enough but I believe you know how grateful I am ( as well as many others!!) I was able to listen to and do your field clearance ( mornings) and ascension ( going to bed) meditations almost daily. I also used the self-love and health ones intermittently. The effect for me was calm and trust in the middle of physical and emotional trauma, sadness and fear for what my daughter and little grandson were living ( and still are).  While their living situation has not yet changed, your healing circle afforded me clarity that we are all on separate journeys and that I can love and support them unconditionally on theirs while not interfering or rescuing and taking care of myself on my journey.  I have been able to come back to me ( instead of not sleeping well, obsessing about them, worrying about the future, not being present to my life with my husband, etc). I have also been able to stay healthy during this very challenging time which was a tremendous concern because of the added stress ; my annual blood work from my cancer treatment center was perfect and I continue to be cancer free from chronic lymphocytic cancer since Feb 2016😃.  I have told many people I love about your healing circle Thank you for shining an amazing light on this world.  I am beyond grateful! Much love and light😘✨🦋

C McCall

I love having all these powerful Commands! You have changed my life for the positive in such a short amount of time! So grateful 🙏🏻😇💕 I have shared your meditations and Healing Circle with many friends and clients! I’ll write you some amazing stories about how I have been using the Commands to heal Rescue Horses!! Incredible!!!! Love, Light, Hugs & Blessings,

Lauren HW

I have been following you for years, and doing the meditations since September.  I have seen a lot of synchronicities start happening in my life.  A lot of the stuckness on a financial and mental level that lasted for 10 yrs has lifted.  I definitely notice a shift and am sooo grateful.  A lot of it is hard to pinpoint the details but there is clearly a shift/change for the better and with a different energy – even with doing the commands that amped everything up.  Thank you for all you do!

M Bernard

So yes, I’m super grateful you’ve come into my life!! (since Feb. 2021) I’ve been on a very committed ascension path for a few years and it seems that your program is quite possibly the lynchpin I’ve needed to step from the precipice I’ve been waiting to step from for what seems like forever!  There have been positive energetic changes at home in the past couple of months… Among these lovely victories, my three teenage / adult sons are rising alongside me, they are changing too and they have no idea I’m doing this work. Our home is more peaceful as I have gained this insane ability to neutralize conflict and connect with them more deeply — they gravitate to me like little honey bees and they are at the age where they would be running away! It fills my heart!  With your program, commands have taken a front seat to what my traditional daily work was: clearing emotional blocks, past life regression, etc.  Your program has honed my work so I’m not so scattered with trying to identify every single energy and darkness individually (a huge amount of work!). I have also honed my discernment.  I made a ‘100 Days’ chart a couple of weeks ago which tracks my daily work (might be helpful on the platform for people) with the goal of a minimum of 1 hour each day of commands / sound healing (which I’ve exceeded daily), as well as daily yoga, silent meditation, and the detox work… and the tracking of my Merkabah. Finding you has been a gift Niki! Thank you again.

T Merrick

I joined first in January after I asked the Universe to be connected to “my tribe” and it felt immediately so right for me to join the circle. It went from there several times up and down. I’m super grateful for your work and everything I’ve learned from you. All the things which were big question marks for me, my entire life. Feeling like a little alien from my early childhood and so on ;-).I would love to continue on this path and maybe even meet you in person some day 🙂 Sending you lots of love from Vienna.

Ivana T

I just started these sessions a couple of months ago. It is really special to see the folks from around the world to get together and wish the world for healing, peace and joy. I think the world needs more of these sessions. You are amazing person for doing this and one of the few professional that can pull it off as well as you do. Thank you for all you do for the betterment of people.


I started listening in December, just to the Sunday evenings. Every week something in me changes. I had a big crying session last week that definitely released something. But from the very start the meditations have been marvellous and shown me things I could only imagine – or even not imagine! So enormous thanks to you Niki. Lots of love and healing light 🙏

Rosemary M

I have been a dedicated participant from your first Healing Circle in September 2020 until now, and wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, for sharing your invaluable teachings and wisdom.  After 15 years of illness, including two bouts of cancer, autoimmune disease, and fibromyalgia, you have given me hope for complete physical healing and genuine spiritual ascension.  I am truly and deeply grateful. 

Kristin R

 I have been meditating(all 4) since September at least once a day and tune in to your healing circle. My 2 favorite experiences are: After my first meditation back in September I went out to living room and before I sat on the couch I got a wave of energy that went throughout my body….it was really subtle and gentle and felt good.  The next experience happened a month or so into my meditations.  I got a very sharp pain in my hear t(kinda like a knife stabbing me in my heart) with a thought that told me my mom was depressed(she passed away about 27 years ago) and then the pain disappeared. I get a pain that will rotate through different areas of my body and disappear.  I get thoughts that tell me what to do with issues that come up.  Also a past emotion from childhood has disappeared. ( My family excludes me from activities and I was emotionally attached to this.)  There is a gal that treats me the same way my family does and I would be very uncomfortable around her and allow her to take my power away……well not any more. I have no past emotional feelings and noticed how I took my power back while around her.  I am aware of my feelings, (this is new)  acknowledge them and let them go!!!  I am sooo excited about my growth! I have said for many many years I want happiness and money!! I see your glowing exuberance and want to feel that inside just like you! Anyway I have learned so much from listening to your Healing Meditation Circle.  You are Awesome!!! Ascension is awesome!

Deb W

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You can cancel your membership at any time and you won’t be charged again. There are no refunds if you have paid for monthly or annual membership.

Where does the weekly healing ceremony take place?

The weekly healing ceremonies are available live online via the comfort of your own home via our webinar meeting software every Saturday at 1pm EST USA 10am Pacific. Replays are available in the portal within 12 hours if you cannot make it live.

What People Are Saying

“I am so grateful for these archives! Sundays are always packed with taking care of family members, so it is wonderful to have these recorded and ready for me when I need them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these meditations so much and they have really helped me with my stress and anxiety. Thank you so much,Many Blessings to you!”
Alex D

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace, serenity and hope you have brought to my life. I feel your soul while meditating and it’s so beautiful and powerful I can’t wait until it’s Sunday again. I honestly feel so much energy from all the participants, it’s amazing.”
Louisa T

“I have been listening to the Self-Love Meditation. I have begun to realize how much I don’t love myself due to lots of trauma early on in my life. However, with this meditation, I have seen that it is possible to live in the present moment and be released from the negative feelings & emotions of my past. It is possible to really love my self from my soul. I can now release the disconnection feelings I previously held onto. This has paved the way for me to have an openness with my therapist as never before. I am now working through issues where previously I was stuck in shame & guilt to the point that I was unable to have a meaningful dialogue with her. Now things are coming to the surface where I can face my deepest fears & be released from them. Thanks so much for making this available to me!”

Victoria S

“Many heartfelt thanks for the Healing Circle, that I have been participating in ever since the start in September 2020, and I have attended every single session! I have improved SO MUCH by now. Thank you! I was depressed, quite a lot at times. Childhood trauma, traumatic head injury, relationship traumas, brother passing at 43 to pancreatic cancer 19 years ago, and other traumas. I had anxiety, and a couple of panic attacks after major injuries and surgeries. All of that has been long gone, thanks to the program!!! I am feeling great! Never ending THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your teachings, guidance and all that you do! Kind regards and bright blessings,”

Maria L

I have been telling people how much I am LOVING the healing circle and mediations. I have my daughter and my clients doing them as well and seeing amazing results. I have been doing the mediations daily for months, while walking (grounding) on the beach. It has truly been life changing for me! I am so much more able to handle and deal with stress and keep negative energy away from around me. That has been hugely helpful for me personally as an empath and a healer. I am also really diligent with the divine muscle testing and get amazing amounts of feedback and energy coming through. Thank you for all that you do Niki!! Take care!

Karen S

“I want to start off by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us your love, knowledge and your wonderful teachings.  I am so excited that you have come into my life.  I found out about you from my sister who sent me a master class that you were on. I went to your website and downloaded the Self Love Meditation in September 2020.  People have shared that they have spontaneously cried during massages… I never have! But I have to say I was surprised when I cried the very first time I listened to your Self Love Meditation! I couldn’t stop crying, I have never heard such truer words! Thank you for your creation of that meditation!!I have been separated for one year from my common law husband of 20 years,  After our separation I had a lot of anger until around the Xmas holidays 2020, and then towards the end of January I didn’t have that anger towards him, but more compassion. And I think that was a result of your Self Love Meditation! My therapist is impressed by my growth and changes so far. And I believe it is due to the Healing Circle. I am presently living in Los Cabos Mexico and selling real estate, it has been my busiest year in 14 years of doing this job.  I think I would have to say the biggest change with me is I feel much more confident living alone and actually figuring out what it is like to be me!!  And I feel the major reason for the change is from doing the meditations and participating in the Healing Circle.  I actually I think I like living alone, I am less afraid, and feel more trusting of myself and what I want, and that it is okay to want to be happy and have my own interests at the forefront of my life!  Thank you so much for helping me realize that! Niki, thank you for being you, and sharing your journey with us!  I hope one day I can give back to the world in some way what you have given to me… even if my learning with you stopped today, I am forever grateful and happy to cross paths with you!! Kindest regards

Sheila V

“I am 73 and I suffered from chronic fatigue, sleep issues, and anxiety. I did the Self Love meditation daily for 3 months just as you had advised and definitely felt a shift. I went on-line to look for a new place to live (it seemed as if some fear/stuckness/anxiety had cleared).  There were things I wanted in my new place that I thought would be difficult with the budget I had put together.  After just 2 days of searching, I came across a possibility and made arrangements to go see it.  I knew the minute that I walked in the front door, that it was exactly what I was looking for.  Simply amazing!!!  From January to the end of March, I completely, BY MYSELF, cleaned out a 4 bedroom, 3 car garage house of 35+ years of marriage, 25 years of children stuff and moved and set up a new home.  I really do not know how I did it.  I fought through my fatigue.  I found that my fear had been replaced with sheer determination.  There seemed to be a direct link to the work I had done on your program. All through your program I have seen how this work can profoundly change one’s life and I have SO wanted to change mine.  Some days are a struggle to get through but others have a flow that I have never experienced (answers come to problems, I see and hear more clearly and I like who I am becoming).  I am looking forward to the next chapter in the ascension portal — I can see into the window of possibilities for a new life for myself. It is with so much gratitude to you and your team that I want to thank you

Rachel S

“Firstly, thank you for initiating this program, I feel it has helped me immensely, and I’m definitely a different person like others have said…. I’ve tuned in every Sunday or caught up on the replay if I missed it. I can say that lately I’ve felt more calm and grounded. Paying attention to my breathing is paying off, and I’m able to stay in deep breathing longer and notice when it starts moving up or my diaphragm getting tighter… I don’t as easily fall into anxiety mode, and I believe my stress level has decreased. I’m committed to this progress as I feel I’m on the cusp of something great. Thank you again for offering your guidance, I’m so glad I found you! 

Natasha O

I’ve been listening to one of the archives everyday for the last 6 weeks and watch live when I can. After two weeks of doing the meditations daily I woke up one morning and felt so relaxed – like I was on holiday in Jamaica. I realized that the pain and stiffness in my neck that I had been carrying for years from a frozen shoulder had disappeared totally. I felt so different, so relaxed, it took me days to get used to it. I am so grateful – I had tried lots of things to relieve the stiffness but nothing worked. I realise that the consistency of doing the meditations every day, sometimes twice daily, as well as some commands has changed my life and help my body heal and feel normal again. I have also noticed that my aura has become stronger – i have been practising looking at my hands each night and have noticed the difference.  Thank you for wonderful healing circle 

Wendy M

I jumped into the Sunday group meditations back in Nov.2020 and havent missed one Sunday! I also listen to the meditations during the weeks…i especially luv the Field Clearance. I also do about 50 min. a since of the ascension, abundance, healing and grand protection work. Wow, so during the group sunday healings (and they have gotten very powerful, dont know why:), my body will go through interesting muscular movements. Sometimes, like last Sunday, the muscles in my face just started moving for about 30 seconds…i couldnt stop it , lol. Anyway, it always feels so good and i smile. There are certain frequencies in your meditations that makes a clicking sound in my ear…so interesting;)  Also, the images are incredible as you guide us through the F.C and Ascension work…wowza..I have some lymphatic fluid issues…i have noticed that there is less, i had been adding the physical healing of it in my transmuting. And, my sleep is getting deeper as well. Overall, much more calm and peaceful for sure…and the pendent feels so good when i put it on..thanks for everything.

Robin A

Since you started the weekly healing sessions, I believe that I’ve only missed one. I look forward to these sessions, as I have always found them very calming and comforting. When you mentioned that they heal attachment trauma, the comforting part made sense to me.
Unlike some of your other listeners, I haven’t made a practice of listening to your meditations multiple times during the week. Regardless of that, I recently realized that the meditations have made a big difference in my life. In situations that arose during the last couple of months, I found myself reacting very differently than my usual response. I found that I was calmer, more confident and able to successfully move through the situation with little or no regrets. Such a milestone for me.Basically, although my emotions are still bubbling up at inopportune times after a lifetime of suppressing them, I feel in a much better place since starting your sound healing. 

Anne C

I have been a student of your offerings since Sept. 2020.  Your presentations and meditations are profound and beautiful. I have come through many dark places  with you and my trusted therapist. Attachment trauma issues are being healed, along with all of the lack of self worth stuff. And I am finally able to embrace the knowledge that I am part of God and am becoming a co creator of the Divine.  I have just added the commands to my daily work. I still listen your emotional boundaries session with the self love & stillness meditations.


Susan F

 Thank you for your amazing generous spirit! Your meditations have changed my life! I’ve been part of your sound healing circle since last September but only on replay as it is 1-3 am here live! This has made such a difference to my health and happiness! You are a great gift in my life! Thank you!!


Wendy M

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What People Are Saying

“I look forward to your guided meditations every Sunday, they are highly effective, tranquilizing and unburdening. Thanks so much for those and your input on these areas.”

Carolyn D

Thank you so much for making these sessions so readily available. Last night’s meditation was my first one and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to explore more of your work and join you again next Sunday. With very best wishes

Julia M

“Dear Niki, thank you for all you are doing – you are a beam of beautiful bright light in this world of madness and uncertainly. I am always looking forward to Sunday evenings, to see your lovely face and smile (and very Intriguing door behind you).So thank you again, with a lot of love M

Marus P

I want to express that I look forward to your weekly Sound Healing Circle, and that I am grateful for you and these sessions

Wendy P