The Speakers and Topics

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Social and Developmental

  • Learn the origins of trauma research
  • The difference between developmental trauma and PTSD
  • Solutions that work for both & the latest research
  • Prevelance of secure versus insecure attachment
  • Description of the three insecure attachement styles
  • Ambivalent, Disorganized and Avoidant; Practical recommendations for healing
  • The silent epidemic of childhood emotional neglect and the psychological impact
  • The common symptoms of childhood emotional neglect
  • The steps required for healing
  • The 5 core needs as defined in the Neuroaffective Relationshiop Model for healing developmental trauma
  • The 5 core survival strategies and associated mental and physical health symptoms
  • Tools for healing the 5 styles
  • Traits of codependants, and codependancy as a symptom of a trauma disorder
  • How we attract narcissists in adulthood due to childhood trauma
  • The need for Vitamin L: Love, Healing Self Love Deficit
  • The HURT Model for rebooting libido and the link between low libido and tauma
  • How we create maladaptive behaviours in response to early life stress which leads to chronic illness
  • The role of plant medicine in healing trauma
  • How love affects our healing
  • The impact of love on healing trauma
  • Practical steps for cultivating more love in our lives
  • Resolving trauma in a family context
  • Overcoming the first steps and difficulties of facing ourselves
  • Ways to find peace and release trapped emotions
  • 4 phases of chronic complex illness: crisis, stabilization, resolution and integration
  • How becoming illnesses like Chronic Fatigue/ME is a trauma experience
  • Importance of matching treatment intervention to the phase the patient is in
  • Bacterial evolution on earth through competition and collaboration
  • How nature evolves through stages of competition and collaboration
  • Dealing with financial and environmental crisis to survive and thrive


Functional Health

  • Dr Pompa’s personal journey detoxing from heavy metals and regaining his physical and mental wellbeing
  • The importance of detoxifying heavy metals in the right order
  • Outline of the steps that should be taken and practical tips
  • How conventional pyschiatric approaches are failing to treat root causes in the majority of mental health conditions and the need for personalized medical approaches
  • The top functional medicine interventions that should become standard of care for all mental health conditions including addressing the tremendous impact of environmental toxins on mental health
  • How people need to be ready to awaken


  • How to use amino acids for fast anxiety relief
  • The epidemic of undiagnosed pyroluria as a cause of social anxiety and stress and how to cure it with zinc, vitamin B6 and other tools
  • Fast-acting practical diet and lifestyle recommendations to reduce anxiety
  • Why we are not victims of our genes
  • How MTHFR, COMT. MAOA/B and DOA genes impact mood and emotional wellbeing
  • Practical steps to cleaning up these genes for optimum mental health


  • How sex hormone, thryoid and adrenal imbalances lead to mood and mental health issues
  • How to assess for hormone imbalances
  • Practical steps to optimize hormones for mental resilience and wellbeing


  • Post Trauma Growth and Functional Nutrition for Optimum Health
  • How this led to building one of the most successful nutrition training schools in the world
  • Functional nutrition it’s role and practical steps to heal your body and mind
  • Why reductionistic or over simplistic approaches don’t work
  • Best labs to use for neurotransmitter testing
  • Pattern recognition and the most common underlying imbalances to treat which affect neurotransmitters
  • How untreated teeth infections, jaw imbalances, and mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings systemically impacts the body, brain and mood
  • The role of oral health in Lyme and how emotional trauma affects the jaw and nervous system
  • The importance of choosing the right holistic dentist
  • Prevalence and underlying causes of the spectrum of addictions
  • Psychological, lifestyle and physiological steps to becoming free of addictions
  • Steps to boost immunity against viral infections
  • How blood sugar and essential fatty acid imbalances lead to aging and inflammation and poor mental health
  • How to test and assess your levels
  • Practical tips to eat for blood sugar control and balance your omega 3s and 6s
  • Optimum wellbeing embraces a personalized, participatory, person-centered, preventive model of health
  • State-of-the-art approaches to preventing or recovering from chronic complex illnesses
  • Genes don’t control you–you control your energy destiny with diet and lifestyle
  • Correctly test and diagnose autoimmune thyroid disease and why it’s often missed
  • Dealing with thyroid medications and natural remedies and nutrients
  • Lifestyle interventions which may halt or reverse the autoimmune condition


  • Environmental factors as a disease trigger and how it leads to autoimmunity
  • 80,000 chemicals are in the environment with 2000 added every year
  • How to accurately test for food and chemical sensitivities
  • History and effectiveness of nutritional therapy in mental health
  • Role nutrients and epigenetics play in managing anxiety and depression
  • How to test for key metabolic imbalances related to mental health


Mind Body, Brain and Nervous System

  • The greatly underexposed role of the vagus nerve in gut health
  • How the brain stimulates the vagus nerve and the bidirectional relationship between the gut and the brain
  • The impact of traumatic brain injury on brain and mental health


  • Latest health statistics on child mental health issues
  • What the Cell Danger Response (CDR) is and why we need to understand it
  • Practical ways to switch off the CDR, especially in children


  • What the vagus nerve is, its role in emotional wellbeing
  • How the vagus nerve becomes toxic and underfunctions
  • Practical eays to stimulate the vagus nerve

Mind Body

  • How psych meds suppress symptoms, fail to address underlying causes
  • Functional medicine strategies to enable a safe gradual reduction in medication
  • Psychology and holistic approaches including CBD oil to support permanent healing and mental wellbeing
  • The 6-pack for supercharging your brain and longevity
  • Mindset and 7 Brain Energy Superfoods
  • Practical ways to get exercising, upgrade your posture, maximize sleep and have faith (and two bonuses!)


  • Trauma’s affect on the adrenals and how that leads to anxiety, depression and negative beliefs
  • Generational trauma and healing with family constellations therapy
  • The “permission to heal” exerciset
  • The impact of emotional trauma on the bioterrain, biofield, nervous system and epigetics
  • Steps to healing all levels
  • The impact of toxins and Lyme on mental health


  • An introduction to integral theory
  • The 4 quadrants and how they relate to health
  • How to make sense of your health challenges using integral theory
  • 5 “bodies” to consider for health: physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and unity consciousness
  • Illness originates from any level and treatments must start where it originates
  • “Klinghardt Axiom” between unresolved emotional trauma, stored toxicity and microbial infection


  • The prevalence of attachment and developmental trauma
  • Mechanisms: how childhood biography becomes adult biology
  • Steps to reversing the impact of trauma on the biology, neurology and psyche and regaining a connection with self and others


  • The safety cycle and how we hide from our emotions
  • How to identify your emotional style
  • What a healthy relationship with your emotions looks like.


Energetic Approaches

  • Introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum and light therapy for health
  • Benefits of red light therapy on mitochondrial function and triggering hormesis for health
  • Light deficiencies are as important for health as nutrient deficiencies
  • Definition of PEMF, what it is and how it affects biology
  • Mechansims: how PEMF therapy heals the brain
  • Why learning and education are key to making the right investment into a PEMF device


  • Introduction to bioenergetic medicine
  • Definition of information medicine and how it works
  • How the Harmoni Pendant can help mood and mental and emotional wellbeing


  • The role of plant medicine including adaptogens and fulvic and humic acid for healing body and mind
  • Jonathon discusses his own experiences, stumbling blocks and successes in growing emotionally and spiritually
  • The need for hope and faith in human growth and healing


  • Penny shares how energy psychologies healed her Bell’s Palsy and Bipolar Disorder
  • Description of Matrix Reimprinting, how and why it works for healing attachment trauma
  • Mind body healing concepts, illness as a symbolic adaptive response to unresolved emotional conflicts


  • Why full spectrum infra red sauna is ideal compared to dry sauna or far infra red sauna
  • mechanisms f benefits including detoxing heavy metals building structured water in the body
  • Explanation of structured air and how to create it in your environment for stimulating the vagus nerve


  • How empathics and emotional sensitives can experience fatigue
  • Energy psychiatry as a provider of tools for the energy sensitives
  • Dealing with the 3 types of energy vampires: narcissists, guilt trippers and anger addicts
  • How empathics and emotional sensitives can experience fatigue
  • Energy psychiatry as a provider of tools for the energy sensitives
  • Dealing with the 3 types of energy vampires: narcissists, guilt trippers and anger addicts
  • Introduction to energy medicine and the “body electric”
  • How our bodies conducts electrons in a liquid crystalline structure
  • Definition of earthing, the barefoot revolution and ways to earth for sleep and energy


  • The work of theoretical physicist Fritz Albert Popp and the human biophoton field
  • Research findings from quantum physics and the human intention experiments
  • Pitfalls of setting intentions and how to avoid sabotaging success


  • Revolutionary discovery of a “fourth phase” beyond liquid, solid and vapor
  • Why research in the field of water has faltered
  • 5 ways to increase “EZ water” in your body
  • The role of quantum biology and how we are beings of energy and information
  • How structured water is the basis for the memory of water
  • How emotional trauma can become imprinted into the waters of our bodies and how infoceuticals can heal the biofield
  • The heart: It’s “brain,” hormone production and large electromagnetic field
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and stressors, resilience levels, health and longevity
  • Energy vampires are real!


General Feedback 


(Feedback on individual speakers from the summit is below)

‘First I want to thank you for putting together such amazing and comprehensive educational material on trauma. Secondly, for making it available free! I am a clinical social work student and appreciate this resource more than words can express. Thank you, thank you !’ –

Emma Beiderman


‘I just want to thank you so much.  I am loving the podcasts and I am finding them so interesting, revealing and educative. […] I am so very delighted to have found you as an organisation, for when I was working earlier in my life I always felt alone and not understood for attempting to work in a somatic way. I have, of course, been through my own history of therapeutic healing from various life events, but I am finding that these podcasts are providing the key and the affirmation to continue my journey.’ –

Clare Wardhaugh


‘[Alex and Niki], I just wanted to express my profound respect and deep gratitude to you both for the tremendous work you do! In my own healing journey, you were two of the experts I most trusted, resonated with, and benefited from, and I am so excited for the amazing content I know you will deliver in this summit. In fact, I never purchase these types of things, but I so fully trust that the quality of information is going to be so stellar that I don’t want to miss a thing. Thank you for the effort I know you put into delivering your message!’ –

Brandy Resnick


‘I am very much looking forward to attending this trauma conference.  Ms. Gratix, yesterday I practiced your self-love meditation and felt tears welling up as I had my eyes closed.’ – Kerrie A. King



‘OMG, this is amazing, thank you very much for such a great conference like this to reach people all over the world who is unfortunate in terms of financial difficulty.

May you Sir be Blessed for doing such a wonderful work for people like me who is seeking a deep understanding of myself why and what’s happening and because of this knowledge there is hope, there is light, and hope that i will rise up and make the world a better place and to help others. I am so grateful to be part of this conference. Thank you all and God Bless You!’ – Rendette Sonico


‘I am deeply grateful for this summit. Thank you for the opportunity to glean from the wisdom of these great and curious minds’ – Christine Fauver


‘Thank you and thank you for this conference. This will help so many people and your work is invaluable and will bring so much hope.’ –

Kulshoma Ali



‘Thank you  Alex and Nikki.

Thank you  so much  for giving all the time and effort needed to give us  free access to these world renowned experts on Trauma which will hopefully help us to thrive and see light at the end of a very dark tunnel.’ – Kate Spalding


‘Dear Alex and Niki, just to say a huge thank you for organising this awesome event. I have been studying trauma and its transformational potential for a few years now and this conference brings together all the experts I have been following and learning from. It must have taken an enormous amount of energy and work to put it together and I am just so grateful.’ – Sophie Siem


‘Thank you guys, for all you time and effort, I can see you’ve put so much in to making this happen; you’re both amazing J as so many CYPs, family and friends will positively benefit in some way.’ – Sue Horrocks


‘I know you’re having a little technical hitch… but… I really wanted to tell you the videos I’ve watched so far (pre-technical glitch) have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I’m so looking forward to watching more.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Soooo much!!!!’ – Ness


‘Be kind and gentle with yourself as you prepare for unprecedented access to your workshops.  Know your good works are appreciated by so many.’ – Rev Dr Pamela Law


‘Many many thanks for putting it all together and providing this extraordinary experience.’ – Teresa Mooney


‘this seminar is huge, and you’ve done a great job. We can all be patient. Thanks for your hard work.’ – Gail Scriven


‘Congratulations again on a fantastic conference which I enjoyed listening to.

185, 000 + people benefited from it.👍Wow..

I enjoyed sharing new concepts with my Naturopath and others.

I enjoy using your mediatations.  They help me to feel calm.  Thankyou.

Many thanks.’ – Kate Spalding


‘ I just wanted to reach out and express my appreciation both for the transcript option and your conference in general. I have done a ton of trauma (and eating disorder and CEN) work, but have developed huge fatigue issues for the past year as well as a hodgepodge of autoimmune symptoms recently as well as throughout my life that are not severe enough for rheumatologists to help address. My family doctor had mentioned the concept of functional medicine, but I had never really done the research to understand it or the evidence behind it. Your series certainly helped educate me on its value combined with more traditional approaches to treating trauma, etc. So a big thanks! I know that putting this “super-conference” together had to be a huge under-taking. Well done’. – Beth Enslow


‘Very impressive. Amazing content.’ – Michael Bowie


‘I would like to thank Alex and Niki and team for putting together such an excellent conference.  I have learnt a great deal so far and I am sure that I will gain a greater understanding of what is out there and the different ideas.’ – Linda Taylor




‘I listened to some of the Interviews from my home here in a little mountain village in Bali and had very joyful and inspiring moments although the internet connection was not always stable. Thank you very much for all your work. I appreciate it and feel courage and confidence to embrace our life and connectedness more deeply.With love and gratitude’ – Evelyn Kaeser



‘Thank you so so much for this incredible conference.

Just when I thought I was telitalked out, this managed to cut through and truly excited.

The 45 min format actually worked really well right now.

Felt no stone was left unturned when it came to the academic rigour and web of discoveries coming out which were traced so well.

Would love see this deepen in terms of the questions brought up around race and practices out side of “western” centred rationalism but appreciate you acknowledging the blindspot and attempting to at least tackle the collective trauma around race. The additional two day replay was really appreciated and felt right given this content.

That said this is so affordable its one I can happily recommend to clients which feels like such a gift.

My healing practice works across many of these strands and again having such a range of technical speakers makes this a one stop shop for when I want to direct then into the science.

Thanks for your work and the love you put into it.

With love and solidarity’ – Fiona James


‘Just to let you know how much I appreciated your excellent interview

with Hyla Cass – who happens to be my sister 🙂 You two are very much in syn and the interview went so smoothly – I even

listened to the end which I am often not able to do with some

interviews/events.’ – Sharon Cass-Toole


I want very much to thank to you and to all your team for this amazing gift.


‘My name is Ligia, I am from Romania and here we don’t have yet so many resources for growing as therapists. I was trained in CBT but soon after graduating and starting to work with patients, I realized that it wasn’t enough.

I was so excited now to watch almost all the interviews with such precious people. I feel that I now have a wider perspective about healing trauma…the conference opened my eyes in many ways and opened so many doors for my continuous development as a psychotherapist.

I can’t afford to buy the access but I am very happy that you organized this conference in this amazing way that we, from the low income countries, could benefit from this experience.

Thank you very much for everything.

You did a very great job!

P.S. I like so much how you conducted all the interviews.’ – Liga Suciu


‘Thanks so much Nicky and Alex for all your obvious  hard work  putting the conference together.

I   listened to the Water session yesterday and was so amazed  at the profound implications  of the discoveries being made in  this and so many areas  and I had no clue !

I will very much enjoy listening and educating myself .’ – Vidya Jones


‘Just to say Thank you both so much, I have listened some truly amazing talks and they’ve been enhanced by your amazing interviewing skills.

Blessings and Kudos!’ –  Nikhila E M Ludlow


‘I didn’t had the opportunity to thank you sooner for the great trauma super conference. You both did a great job and I enjoyed it very much and do so still……

A lot of interviews really resonated in me and I learned also new things which can help me further into being (my authentic self).

I wish you all the best, good health and take care.’ – Monique Reijers


‘This was an incredible, life -changing gift. I can’t afford to buy the sessions right now, because I am single and under- employed because of Covid. What I was able to see was fabulous and I took lots of notes. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Blessings,’ – Lori Paolini


‘This has been a phenomenal summit. I am overwhelmed by the people you gathered for this, and also by your  interviewing style–so aware and considerate and thorough and compassionate–and authentic.

The sessions with Eileen McKusick and Gabor Mate were riveting.

Thank you. Please keep me posted on what you do!’ – Regina Clarke


‘P.S. And thank you for having Victor Lee Lewis.  I didn’t see him at first. His EFT work is FANTASTIC as his analysis.’ – Eisha Mason


‘I just purchased the lifetime access to your conference, and I wanted you to know that I did that mostly to show support.  You did such a magnificent job of selecting experts, interviewing speakers, offering variety and comprehensiveness around subject matter.  I appreciate that these interviews have been occurring over months, and that, even with the amount of effort you put into it, you chose to offer it for free.  And I hope you are receiving requisite monetary reward for all your work

I also appreciate the honesty and transparency you demonstrated in your roles as interviewers, presenters and conference leaders.

You have my gratitude,’ – Gail Johnston


I watched 3 interviews this afternoon  and found them fascinating, so encouraging and and insightful and they have spurred me on to find out much more about each interviewee.


‘I am really grateful that these talks have been put together and offered in such an accessible way.  I also appreciate how much time must have gone in to coordinating and creating  this.   It’s life changing stuff!’ – Julie Elliott




‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the free access to all of this amazing content. I have only managed to watch the videos I was particularly interested in due to time constraints but these have been inspirational, reassuring and sparked a further curiosity in my interest in complex trauma. Not only in myself but also in helping others. Thank you so much.’ – Claire Chaney


‘Can’t thank you enough.. was an absolutely fantastic conference (I hardly slept)..

Much gratitude ‘ – Maureen Wilson


‘Many thanks for your Conference on Trauma.

I just purchased it and look forward to

listening practicing & learning!

A true “labor of Love”

In deep gratitude 🏻 ‘ – Julia Bendaoud


‘Thank you so much for these incredible and enlightening interviews with so many of the top people in our field. I really appreciate it and have learned so much!’ – Lynda Savyon

‘I just want to say that I have listened to a few of your interviews & want to applaud you for putting together such a wonderful program. I have not paid for the program because of my financial situation plus the exchange rate! But will find a way to purchase the recordings Thank you again’ – Maxine Santich


‘I just wanted to thank you both for the course, and share something with you. My sister has struggled with ME for a number of years now, and has felt completely hopeless about it. She’s also been very resistant to any conversations about psychology or meditation in relation to it, having got used to feeling she’s being blamed for her condition. Then just over a week ago I shared a link to the course with my family, not yet realising how much chronic fatigue would come up, and it led to an opening whereby she has gone on to watch a number of your videos and has requested a pack from the charity. She is speaking differently about things, acknowledging the role of past traumas, and actually seems quite excited about putting her jigsaw puzzle together. I’m so glad, and so grateful to you for your part in that’ – Isobel Payne




‘Health and wellness to you and your families!  Thank you for a terrific conference!! I learned so much from each leader you interviewed!  I thought the two of you, your team and all the speakers were magnificent!  Thank you, thank you for your desire to help others, for all the love and care that went into the program and for your commitments to the field!  Take care stay healthy and know that you made a huge difference to everyone who watched the conference!

Highest Regards,’ – Anastasia Studer


‘This conference has been so enlightening, I can’t thank you enough. I think I will become a holistic healer, and have been considering training in trauma therapy within that framework, so this has been such a valuable insight into this world! Loved it all, as well as being valuable for my personal traumas!’ – Yolanda Cowen


‘I just listened to Niki Gratix interview Prof Bessel van der Kolk.  I have to say, that as a woman working in a male dominated profession (I am a 56 year old female architect), it was really fascinating to hear Niki handle Mr van der Kolk.  Niki was relational and femine and intelligent.  Mr van der Kolk was intelligent(I deeply respect his research and conclusions) and highly UN-relational.  It helped me to see a dynamic that often plays out in my own life (even with my husband!)  I can’t even say how much trauma I have as a woman growing up in a culture that does not relate back…. even though the topic at hand was all about humans relating to each other,  Prof Bessel van der Kolk, has no idea about HOW to do it himself!  I will continue to read his books and follow his advice, however, I see him in a more nuanced way.

Thank you Niki, for your steadfast presence!’ – Sophia Rickard


‘I just simply would like to say THANK YOU for all your effort and hard work that you invested into this wonderful project!You might have a lot of feedback but maybe you do not really realize how much it means!!!As a modest return, please welcome this beautiful irish blessing that I love dearly myself! God bless you all!

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.’ – Edit Varga

‘Oh my gosh you guys are amazing—what great news thanks. These have been so helpful and can’t wait to listen again!’ – Judith Shalkowski



‘The calibre of the content was outstanding! And I truly appreciate the amount of preparation I could see had gone into the conference. I came away with a much deeper understanding of how and why my childhood trauma has played out the way it has in my body. I always had a hunch this was the case. I hope I’ll be able to pass this knowledge on in my new practice as a hypnotherapist.’ – Helen Bradley


‘Thank you, I can’t begin to thank you for all of this I’ve been lost for years no help from nhs apart from prescription for Valium ,oxy, codine And beta blockers causing additional Dependence issues. There was no understanding or advice on how u can help urself. I really appreciate this it helps knowing there is something u can action urself and have something to focus on or a goal rather than constantly being stuck in the bad literature about bpd etc and cptsd. The people u have and ur self have been inspiring so thanks so much for this, it came just at the right time after mental hospital visits and itu visits I was starting to lose hope. No one ever takes time to explain anything properly they just ignore u and change meds.’ – Darren Phillips


‘Thank you so much for providing me with all these interesting interviews for me to access just when I had decided to leave an abusive relationship ( for the third time) without some of the information I listened to these last weeks I would probably have gone back again… however since I was able to better understand what was going on from dr.Christine Northrop, I realized I would never ever let this happen to me again and also beginning to understand about my childhood trauma that got me into my codependent b ehavior in the first place from listening to Bessel Vander kolk…I felt I had sclerosis of the brain   /psyche that would kill me if I didn’t stop getting back into this killer relationship… I feel you helped save my life, in gratitude, rainbow ‘ – Rainbow Cornelia


‘First, I want to thank you deeply for this conference – it was truly amazing. Being ‘invisibly’ traumatized myself during my childhood, I have spent a great deal of my adult life trying to figure out what happened to me and why it has been so hard for me to cope with life, relationships and even basic survival themes like (lack of) money, jobs and finding a place to live which I could afford. While being on that journey, I have had a passionate interest in the subject, and I have been introduced to quite a lot of modalities and tools, some of which have helped me tremendously, like Kinesiology and EFT/tapping. BUT… I learned so much from your conference, and I was literally crying my eyes out during the sessions that talked more deeply about the invisible traumas of childhood when growing up with a lack of emotional support and care. I felt seen and acknowledged in a way that has never happened before in my life !!!’ – Lis Andersen


‘ I just wanted to say Thank You for your work to put together this great conference. I am a play therapist and a registered social worker (although not currently practicing as a social worker). I found the breadth of knowledge, theory and subjects incredibly valuable, as I am always looking for other ‘strings’ to add to my therapeutic bow and believe that this is the nature of healing for clients. That the human race and the psyche is so complex that we must be broad and open minded in our approaches, particularly at this challenging time we need to be able to adapt in how we reach and work with clients. I look forward to working through the talks over the next few months probably and widening my professional knowledge, I think I might need another book shelf!’ – Becky Blackwell


‘I would like to thank you and everyone for making the super conference happen.I greatly enjoyed its varied and amazingly inspiring content. It gave me so many insightful perspectives and I feel really hopeful about all the possibilities that there are for both practitioners and people in need of help. I will be doing more research into the different topics and practices that may contribute to my future career in dance movement psychotherapy. Thank you so much again for putting this amazing event together.’ – Veronika Coufalova


‘I had to write to thank you both personally for this summit. It has been transformational for me and you have made a new library in the skies. I cannot thank you enough for introducing to me to who are going to become my kindred spirits in my life and work, top of the list you both.

I just bought all the summit recordings as I have been so moved and HELPED by this immense offering which you have given the world. I can feel already how the benefit of this summit will feed through to people coming to our little personalised retreat centre here (which has been going 15 years and is grounded in mind-body-spirit modalities and approaches to healing and living). It has highlighted for me the holes in my own healing journey and if I had to say what moved me the most, they key ingredient was the authenticity as well as the depth and breadth of your work and of the people you chose to include in the summit.

I hope that you are both going on a FAT holiday this very moment!’ – Ange


‘I wish to thank you sincerely for your wonderful trauma conference.This work matters so much to so many chronically ill people who remain hidden, unheard and unsupported.Thank you for such a coherent interdisciplinary presentation of the multi-faceted affects of trauma.With much appreciation for your vision, dedication and commitment,’ – Trish Casey


‘Thanks to you all for a truly inspirational conference. I need to take stock  make sense of what I heard and look at what is the next step. Gratitude is extended to all your speakers but a special thanks to Alex and Niki.’ – Lynn Edwards


‘I have benefitted from the sessions I watched and just wanted to reach out and personally thank you. You hosted this webinar with integrity. You modeled a beautiful relationship with learning. Your generosity is a wonderful gift to be on the receiving end of. May you benefit ten thousand fold.Thank you from every cell of my being.’ – Charlotte Nuessle


‘I just wanted to thank you both for a brilliant series of interviews.  Your passion shone through and they were full of insightful questions.Wishing you both all the very best,’ – Julia T

‘Just a quick thank you for the great conference you provided.  It has been quite an intense nine days and I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures I heard. Many thanks, great work. ‘ – Ketty Ozer


‘Thank you so much for your email and for doing this conference, I can only imagine the amount of work it must of taken to achieve this (well done :)). I only managed to watch a few during the week but what I watched was so informative and I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to watching more now at leisure :)’ – Gina


‘Thank you so very much for making available this wide-ranging Conference. I have learnt so much and acquired an incredible list of podcasts and blogs to keep me going during the lockdown. Definitely one of the positive aspects of the pandemic.

May you stay safe and well’ – Betty Arnot


‘Thank you kindly for my login details.But mostly thank you for putting together such a monumental body of work, the tiny amount I had the chance to listen to was very inspiring.My aim is always to keep learning to connect the dots and to help my family and friends.I am looking forward to diving in.’ – Mirella Bruno


‘Just to say thank you very much for organising this marathon. It was brilliant to present such an integral approach and so appropriate for a) the topic and b) these times. . With very best wishes’ -Sarah Stewart-Brown Prof of Public Health University of Warwick


‘Thank you very much for organising this conference. It was amazing to see so many fascinating approaches to healing trauma, great speakers and you made the interviews very interesting. Brilliant’ – Edyta Was


‘I managed to listen to about 20 hours of the Trauma Super Conference while it was free.The content gave me hope that my daughter might make a full recovery from the horrible things that have happened in her life.I’ve bought the course.Thanks for putting it together.’ – David Greenald


‘I am glad you made this conference. Truly it is a labour of love : )This knowledge, awareness, as well as tools are very much needed.This year i was in a rehabilitation programme for fibromyalgia in Slovenia (URI SOČA), and before that i did lots of work with my therapist regarding trauma (now I am learning to catch myself before I go into somatization).  Many times it is frustrating to be in contact with people (also professionals) who expect quick fixes or don’t understand chronic pain, or how differently traumatic experiences can effect different people.Great you are doing this work as well as offering it to others.’ – Vanja Perovsec


‘This is an amazing conference that I can keep enjoying. There was so much content and so many topics covered I am glad I bought them as I could not have got through them in a week.Thank you and all the speakers for such passion and knowledge delivered in easy to understand format.Most of all I want to thank you for the personal stories you a shared they were the true inspiration.It has given me a lot of techniques to direct people that need further help. I have always had a desire to listen to people and how they have come through but not I want to be able to direct them appropriately too.’ – Margaret Harris


‘I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you and provide praise for this event. I have very much enjoyed it and have learned a lot more about myself in the process. I as I’m sure others have survived trauma that has impacted me. As the years have moved on I discovered I’m an empath and came to an awakened state about 5 years ago. I am also an Occupational Therapist and this information indeed goes hand in hand with what my profession strives to give to our clients which is the client-center approach to prevention of illness, maintenance of wellness, and quality of life. I look forward to taking some of this information to my clients as well as utilizing it in order to increase my own quality of life and continue to nurture my empathic abilities and my own self-care. Thank you so much for this.

Stay safe and healthy ‘ – Ginger M


‘What an amazing gathering!! Thank you so much for following your inspiration and guidance to present a truly wonderful resource. I have shared this with many from both my professional and personal fields. I am planning a new career direction as an empath/HSP coach so your summit is most timely.Wishing you and your work every happiness and blessings.’ – Belinda Swain




‘The efforts this took to offer the wealth of rich,  needed and timely information is so appreciated. I appreciate the mind, heart and hands it takes to call everyone  into the room and hold space for each other, the contributors and the audience.

I look forward  to spending  time learning, growing  and healing as I watch the interviews.


I believe this project will help many people  as it ripples across communities.’ – Heather Jefferson



‘Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the conference. It was super informative!! An impressive lineup of speakers!! Invaluable knowledge and insights!!

I really appreciate your generosity, for making it available and accessible to all. I believe all who attended have come out equipped with tools to do better for Self and others.’ – Nyambura Kinyori


‘The interviews etc that I’ve already watched were fantastic. Very excited to view more in my own time. Grateful to the organizers for compiling all this amazing material.’ – Joanne Adam


‘Huge thanks Alex, Niki and your team for this amazing conference with such an incredibly diverse group of speakers – I’ve learnt so much that I know will help me on my recovery journey.

Thank you so much for your generosity in making it accessible to all.’ – Iara Melhuish


Good morning to you both. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone who made the super trauma conference possible ,especially Nikki and Alex for bringing it to my attention and for all your kindness and the fantastic work that you do at the Optimum health clinic helping so many people all over the world.

I have really enjoyed the conference and the wealth of knowledge shared by the various speakers/specialists. God bless them all.

Take care and stay safe and well.’ – Janet Arjune


Thank “YOU!”

‘You two did a “wonderful job” hosting this conference. Both of you are lovely.

I think we need to clone you!’ -Coleen McCann


‘ This virtual conference has been SUPER! Thank you so much for organizing such a conference. I would like to gift you both and EVERY presenter in this conference a copy of my recent book, Transforming Healthcare – Healing You, Me and Our Broken Disease Care System. I know that the presenters in this conference are the change-makers, visionaries, and leaders to do just that – Transform our broken disease-care system into a model of wellness, disease prevention and healing the whole person. Let me know your address so I may send you each a copy. I appreciate however you feel comfortable extending my offer to the presenters of this amazing conference.



Institute for Integrative Medicine


‘Thank you so much for your incredible work putting this conference together.   I’m still absorbing the many possibilities I’ve heard about.   What an incredible opportunity to share with so many covering so much about trauma.   I’m so grateful to know all of these possibilities exist in the universe and thank you deeply for bringing them into our awareness!’ – Key Burns


‘So grateful for this conference you organised, this has been a profound inspiration for me and has openened up a richness of healing pathways on my personal journey.

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this knowledge and reflexion to the front, and for conducting the interviews with such insight and care.’ – Helene Butz


‘Thankyou so much for providing this conference.  I don’t know if you realize just how healing this has been for me. I thought I had dealt with a trauma that happened to me as a 12 yr old until a trauma occurring in my marriage 2 yrs ago cirled around apparently tied directly to it. I have been working on the latest with a counselor and in part is why I purchased the conference to share with her but also I just wanted to have future access as i continue on my healing journey.  So much of this info is so much to take in and digest I believe it would be beneficial to be able to review also there is so much I was not able to get to. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the blood sweat n tears you poured in to this. There are so many people that needed and need this as you saw with the overwhelming registration response. Alix your 1 session accomplished more healing for me than the years of self searching for answers . I only wish I were in the UK to be able to session with you!

Forever GRATEFUL’ – Jay Plaster


‘I have got to say a very heartfelt thank you for this conference. I have learnt so much, and affirmed a lot of my underlying thoughts around trauma.

I am just about to complete my M.A as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist at the university of Derby. Your talks run parallel to our ways of approaching our clients and how we facilitate our clinical sessions.’ – Richard Pepe


‘Thank you Alex and Niki,

This was very important experience for me, I am so glad I signed up for you summit.

Learned so much, lots of new neurons and links created here.

My husband is going through difficult time, so every bit helps.

Thank you again, and God bless you.’ – Sadia Hadziavdic


‘Thank you so much for gathering together such well versed, authentic, and loving souls to speak to all of us these past first days of July. Yes, I was feeling overwhelmed with several classes and events along with family time …and I didn’t want to miss one second of THIS conference. I just purchased the transcripts and audio/ video lifetime access. Personally I understand myself better now and don’t have to be so judgmental and harsh for being my human self. There is only room for growing upward! Oh, and room to share empathy and support to others.

You really did a superb job! I am forever grateful.’ – Debbie Kimball


‘That was really wonderful you guys, thank you so much.  ️’



‘Thank you so much!  These talks are so valuable.   I am a teacher and will be listening to them all very carefully during the summer break here in Canada.  Thank you!!!’ – Katie McNeil


‘I just want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your time and effort in to organising this trauma conference. I can’t even begin to imagine all the hours of hard work and dedication you have put in.

The only expertise I have with trauma is having lived through it and still doing so with flashbacks, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD.

I am fortunate that I have such an amazing GP who is incredibly supportive and always signposts me to others eg START, MINDSMATTER.

I have gained so much insight, tips, technique’s, understanding in so many different levels from all the different professionals whom have been interviewed. I had no idea of the vastness of remedy approaches that could be taken to address trauma. I have gone through an A4 pad taking notes.

This trauma conference has been so informative and I just want you both to know as well as all the professional in their fields how grateful I am that they were willing to share their knowledge and time.

It has been time well spent.’ – Jules Currie


‘Thanks so much for all your emails. I enjoyed watching talks and interviewing questions you both asked the experts.

Hope we can see other topic conferences in the future. It is very beneficial for disadvantage members of the community who cannot afford paying conference fee. Thanks so much for your experts kind and caring thoughts.

With immense thanks and warm regards’ – Masha Seysen



‘Heartfelt thanks to each of you for putting this Conference together and then for making it available long-term.

The richness and diversity of each day’s offerings almost overwhelmed me, so I am grateful to be able to go through the material again at a slower pace.

I want you to know that what you have provided here has had a significant effect on me. I felt seen and understood as never before, and have gained a more compassionate understanding of what I have been struggling with all my life.

May your work continue to thrive, and may you reap all the rich blessings  you so rightly deserve.’ – Elizabeth Girard



And thank you a thousand times for putting together this conference. It is indeed a super conference.

I am so grateful to have the freedom to be here this week.

Take care, and hope you find a lot of joy and fullfillment in your everyday life.’ – Borbala Bo


‘This line-up and list of topics is amazing.

You’ve done such a great job of convening all the people I want to hear from, and some more I didn’t know about, and look forward to learning about.

I am so glad I bought the recordings as I would be very conflicted about what to watch otherwise.  I have a happy summer ahead of me exploring these offerings

Thanks so much,’ – Jan Cafearo


‘The conference is wonderful and absolutely great!

I am listening in as a non professional. And I already learned so much!

With kind and living regards,’ – Esther Konijnenberg


‘I’ve only just come across you guys and have been listening to some of your conference talks and just wanted to say to you, its absolutely amazing what you’ve put on. I’ve worked on the subject of personal resilience for 40 years and am learning a lot.’ – Bernard Genge


Thank you both for your amazing work. I am watching the free videos and have shared the conference with others.



‘I usually don’t buy things like this, but I was overwhelmed by the value of the conference, the quality of the speakers and interviews, and by the authentic spirit that you both put into this program. I felt it was the least I could do to support you both for your amazing, positive much needed healing in this time of global trauma. Making this available for those who need but cannot contribute at this time inspired me to support the cause. – Di Cleverly


‘thank you for this big gift

i am moved by the honesty inspiration and helping solutions for my old 2 generation holocaust pains’ – Ida Kleiterp


‘Thank you both for all your hard work putting this conference together.

It is packed  full of so much information that will really help people understand and learn how to heal others and themselves better from childhood trauma and PTSD.

Hopefully one day all this information will be taught in the national curriculum of schools and future generations will be  better equipped to thrive in life.

But for now it’s so great to see such a seismic growth in it all because we are going to need it more than ever now.’ – Louisa Turner



‘Thank for your response with this information!  Very helpful! Enjoying the speakers so far and Please pass on compliments to the website design!!! I love the colors and the drop down boxes under each speaker with brief description are fantastic! Thank you’ – Theresa P


‘Just wanted to say thank you!

I’m grateful this information found me!

Diving in all the knowledge now:)


Niki, your webinar “Love is the best medicine” was the first thing that I felt drawn to. And I am very happy that It got my attention!

In light of gratitude and love – big thank you!’ – Kateryna Zotic


‘I’m dipping in & out of the conference & really impressed so far. What a brilliant idea & you have brought it together so well. Great, clear presentations.

Looking forward to having lifetime access.’ – Rae Brady




‘So appreciate what you are doing and the wide array of specialists you have brought together.  A real service and clearly a labor of love and understanding to those of us struggling with trauma and chronic illness. Have only watched a few interviews so far but they have been excellent. Informative, inspiring, hopeful. Grateful to have these talks to accompany me on my healing journey. ️ Karen’ – Karen Delshad



‘Thank you sooo much for your hard work yesterday AND OVERNIGHT! You are both a true asset to The Shift Network. And I appreciate your dedication. It all worked out!

Now, today I will watch the Trauma  class ( I have dear friends whose lives are relentlessly run from a survivor’s knee jerk panic mode . I hope I can share what I learn in small doses.)

Be well. Catch up on your sleep!

Thank you again for a great job!’ – Debbie Kimball


‘Thankyou for your last email.

Yes the talk sessions are going well now.

I am really enjoying them and look forward to hearing and viewing the rest of the sessions.

Thankyou for your great work to get it working again.

No wonder it crashed catering for so many logging on. Hopefully it keeps working.

A lot of need out there to cope with Trauma.

Thank God for caring therapists like the both of You.  Bless You.

Thankyou also for allowing us to catch up on today’s sessions next Monday 6th July.

Stay safe and stay well.’ – Kate Spalding



‘Things happen and you two are worth waiting for. Having indulged in many classes during lock down, I must confess that some people do not have the voice to lead a group, and one attempts to shut them out, rather than pay attention.[If you pay me, I’ll give you names!!]

I would LOVE to buy all the classes but living in South Africa, our Rand is pretty useless.

Take care. Stay WELL.’ – Celia Saks


‘You are absolutely terrific. It must be overwhelming, the deluge of bodies and brains. I am not disappointed.’ Marleen Tempelaere


“The Ken Wilber material on the Energy Summit was stellar and perfectly complemented by the equal genius of Klinghardt and the biosystems Gaia supporter finishing the second day they know the true foundations of healing and suffered a lot in their hard-won wisdom, especially Wilber and Dietrich, both mito experiencers with great spriitual wisdom, still always learning greater perspectives.”

“These were a fabulous group of speakers.  The information was encouraging, and reinforced the direction I am being lead.  Loved the cellular information, the microbiome, the energy medicine and how so many therapies are really connected.  Your questions and organization of the topics were like opening into a bigger room each time we entered it.  Truly grateful for this opportunity to be part of this Abundant Energy summit.”

“Nikki, this was one of the most informative, diverse, and comprehensive lifestyle wellness/health promotion events I’ve attended. If every conventional physician in the US could appreciate–and listen to– this Summit, the country would be much more radiantly well! I actually think every conventional doc has a moral imperative to listen–We must continue to move away from sick-care and return to a healing path. You’ve done an outstanding job of making it quite possible for anyone listening to be more well NOW. In deep respect and gratitude.”

“I am thrilled and grateful to have come across your Summit; it has contained so much educational and specifically scientifically-based, detailed information. I am really excited about the new information to which I have been exposed and which I will continue to investigate going forward. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces with loved ones and I will continue doing that too. THANK YOU!!!!!”

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent series of lectures during the Abundant Energy Summit. I want to compliment you as an interviewer/moderator. You are the best I have heard. You are able to bring out information from the interviewee, contribute related information and not dominate the interview. You have an excellent skill with this and thank you for setting up this summit.”

“I’m enjoying the Abundant Energy Summit. It is wonderful information like  no other. You have organized the speaks in a very  succinct manner and the content is ‘out of this  world’… that where perhaps,  we all intercommunicate and transcend. You have been very organized for this summit an your summaries and questions are so well thought out and helpful. In Gratitude!”

“Niki and team: I attend a lot of webinars, summits and seminars as I am a board certified holistic nutritionist, always looking to learn more, get more in my toolbox, etc. Niki I had never heard of you before this but the name of course of the Summit Abundant Energy caught my attention and the amazing line up of speakers. You have done, in my opinion one of the best Summits I have ever attended. It was all done very thoughtfully and carefully. You were a pure delight as you were not demonstrative, taking over the interviews, but allowed your guests to really pour out their knowledge. And the questions and interjections you did make were spot on.” 

“Niki, this is the second interview I am listening to, and besides the wonderful information presented in the interviews, I couldn’t help noticing what a natural and wonderful interviewer you are. I have listened to many online health summits, some of them lead by females, but you stand out. Some female interviewers (not all) were annoying, overwhelming and supressing the interviewed, trying to show off what they know, but you are straight to the point, brief, ask great questions and let the interviewed to explain the subject without interrupting. Yet it still comes through from your few comments how knowledgeable you are

“I wanted to post exactly the same sentiments. Nicki an outstanding interviewer, her wealth of knowledge is obvious but she allows every speaker to be in the flow of their expertise.”

“Your seminar has been fantastic!! I just listened to the encore presentations at 1:00 a.m. US time as I was out of town with work all day. Thanks again for this wonderful and awesome presentation” 

“Wow, I’m so excited that the flashdrive I ordered arrived today! I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon. I’m so glad to be able to take my time listening again to all the speakers.
A big thank you to all of the people who participated in this summit, it was fantastic, and a huge Thank You to Niki Gratrix for putting it all together”

“Niki, I was so impressed with you, wow, you are amazing, and so highly intelligent. Your interviewing skills are fantastic. The summit was truly educational and I certainly learnt a great deal. I wish you a very happy time off, and all the best. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to you and so many brilliant lectures. We would never have something like that in Australia.”

“Loved the summit!!!! Best one I’ve heard”

“Nikki- I have done so many summits and webinars over the years, but yours are so professional and well organized you put them all to shame. Your guests are fabulous and have enriched my practice so much! A big thank you to all and especially to you for putting it together!!”

“Excellent Job Niki, honestly that was the best summit I have watched/listened to ever bar none! I hope you will do this again next year, the high level/quality of speakers and your interviewing knowledge + style are all excellent! A1++”
“It was a refreshing reminder that there are people out there taking this illness seriously, developing theories and working to support people. It was a good mix of perspectives and ideas. Thank you for putting it together in an easily digestible format. Brilliant”

“I really loved everything about this summit.”

“In particular your skill with introducing people and taking the trouble to draw on all their experience. You welcomed the speakers with great appreciation and were so beautifully complimenting and acknowledging without encroaching or interrupting. The quality of this information presented was supreme. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for all the fascinating revealing interviews you gave me the privilege of accessing. Even though I am not a practitioner I fully resonated with every one of the highly educated speakers you interviewed. I’m sure lots of people in the future will benefit. Bless you & all the people that helped you to get this information to the people of this planet.”

“A heartfelt thank you……… keep up the good work, humanity needs more inspirational teachers like yourself.”

“After needing to catch-up on “the latest” in this field, I feel I did, and my thanks to all the doctors and scientists working on it! Please do an update next year. You are doing SO much good for a population trying so hard to get well.”

“Hi, Niki. Fantastic summit all the way through. Great job! That was a lot of work. I learnt so much from world-renowned speakers and missed very few of the speakers. I hope to purchase the summit at some point, and have told a number of people about it via my FB page and through my clientele. I hope you can have a well-earned rest now. You deserve it”

“It was a refreshing reminder that there are people out there taking this illness seriously, developing theories and working to support people. It was a good mix of perspectives and ideas. Thank you for putting it together in an easily digestible format. Brilliant.”

“Hi Niki, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the summit.  I listened to most of the speakers (some of them more than once!) and found it so interesting and helpful!  I kind of feel a bit spoilt, now!  Thank you so much, I am really grateful for what you and people like you are doing!”

“Your Abundant Energy summit was superb, possibly the best summit I have listened into, due to the comprehensive and varied range of speakers, each an expert in their field and highly qualified.  The way you interviewed them brought out the best in them, and it was obvious they very much enjoyed your interviews.  I liked the fact that you did not speak about your own health issues, but made points, and asked questions that reflected your knowledge of their work, and the topic in general.  I was so glad that the speakers were not just biochemically oriented, and that you invited Ashok Gupta, for example, whose method more or less resolved my own CFS relapse very quickly some seven years ago.”

“Niki:”thank you to Dr. Tom O’Bryan for giving me the inspiration and the confidence to run a summit” – My goodness, he was certainly right to say you could do it. You were marvellous. Your questions were so knowledgeable they really brought out the passion in the speakers. Thank you again.”

“Thank you for all the hard work to put this all together. So much information it was just so great !”

“BRILLIANT SUMMIT… What an achievement!!… Thank you Niki.”

“Firstly I want to thank you so very much for linking me to the Abundant Energy Summit. I really so enjoyed listening to your discourse, and to the many other professionals, it all made such sense to me after experiencing the chemical poisoning. I was just so inspired and excited by what I heard, and Niki was such a brilliant interviewer.”

“Thank you soooo much for all your hard work in putting on such an amazing summit with brilliant speakers! my flash drive arrived today and i look forward to hearing the interviews again and again 😉 really enjoyed this summit… best summit yet! also, you’re an excellent interviewer; energetic, great questions and it was clear that you really grasped the material so dialogue was stimulating. A heartfelt thank you to you!!!”

“Thank you very much for your wonderful interviews with these leading experts!”

“Thanks for the energy report and your care!”

“Thank you so very much for this great event, which was fantastic!!!!”

“I have listened to many summits in my search for improving my health and this is the first one I have found to be so well rounded in its approach. We are all unique so our healing journey is going to be unique too and your summit allowed us to understand never to give up. One size does not fit all! I have never sensed  that other summits were going to truly answer my questions and be worth my investing in so I have attempted to listened to each of the speakers and written down the info I thought was of help to me. For some reason I knew that yours was different,be at the forefront of understanding and bought it just before it started. Each one I have listened to has given me some much to think about. Thank you so much Niki, for putting together so much ground breaking info,for people like myself that are limited in finance,understand a lot but need more information to be able to see their way forward. After a spell of feeling like just letting go and come to the conclusion this is my life you have given me hope again to keep searching.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to these presentations.  I was tremendously impressed with the qualifications, knowledge, experience, and research backgrounds of the speakers.”

“Dear Niki, Abundant thanks again for a brilliant webinar! SO helpful that I put in for a second order in. Have a good rest-you’re a brilliant and courteous interviewer of such very disparate therapists-well done! They were such a great bunch as well-all with such varied angles of understanding. You acted as the great narrator! Every blessing” 

“I just wanted to be sure to express my gratitude for this summit.  I have had CFS for 15 years and now have some very good new resources to try.  I never expected to hear so many people speak on exactly what I am dealing with and it was so incredibly motivating and helpful.  Thank you so much!”

“What you pulled off with your Summit was just extraordinary. It was brilliant – thank you so much!”

“Phenomenal Health Summit! I’m still getting so much out of the interviews.”

“Thank you Niki for putting this together. I learnt that not only am I doing really well so far and am on the right track but that there are 5 levels of healing. I have been doing many things for 12 years to heal, I figure I must be near the tipping point, and then I learnt about the other levels. So now I am turning my attention to my spirit, family history, past lives, quantum physics, my HRV, the energy of being. Things that make amazing sense once they are spoken of. Just climbing past the societal taboos that I have internalised!
I am feeling confident and hopefully since listening to this Summit.
This is very GOOD thing you have done. Thank you for how you are radiating! For what you are sending out into the field!
With Gratitude”  

“I can’t thank you enough for the excellent information that was presented, and the professional quality of organization and planning that went into preparing this Summit.  Niki was an excellent facilitator – knowledgeable, and able to respond to the speaker’s information and ask relevant questions to enhance the presentation – without stealing the focus away from the speaker.  She has a real gift for this.”

“Niki – I have listened to many summits. You are the best moderator. Congrats on doing such a fantastic job!!”

“You have done exceptional work here, I can see your summits getting huge, It pieced together a lot of info. that i have been veering towards intuitively, you have proven it for me now,…Keep up the great work!”

“This summit has been really exactly what I have needed both personally and professionally! Again Thank You so much for all you have done to make this all possible! A few of my friends are thinking about buying in to the program. I wasn’t sure I could afford it but am considering it now that I have listened over the past few days! Again thank you so much for this treasure! With LOVE”

“Many thanks for all the talks on the summit and all your hard work. A lot to think about and work through!”

“Thanks Niki, fantastic summit (my favourite so far) and I’ve learnt so much to apply into my own life and help clients”

“I’m watching as many presentations as possible and am bowled over by the quality of the information and speakers”.

“So many great speakers at the summit that it’s really tough to choose. And Niki, you did such a fabulous job interviewing each and every one.”

“All the speaker were absolutely brilliant and Niki, your interviews were spot on! You were gracious and complementary and artfully helped to bring out every last diamond of information in each topic, while making is seem effortless. You are a really smart cookie! Spectacular Job! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to all involved.”

“The Abundant Energy Summit is going on as I type this post out to you! It is fantastic and the speakers are outstanding. It’s free daily – you can also buy in to the sessions to listen when your time allows.  Niki is brilliantly leading us through each session with great reflection wisdom and insight.  Wishing you an abundance of LOVE and Energy!”

“I just want to say thank you so much for your summit! I haven’t missed a talk yet and I’m learning so much, things I would have expected the CFS clinic i visited to have told me. Even the talks I expected to be a little be over my head were so well explained and you’ve given me so many things to think about and discuss with my Dr, I hope the rest of the summit is as amazing as the first half. I can’t explain the hope you’ve given. Thanks again.”

“Niki, wonderful, wonderful summit. Thank you!”

“I am in awe of the Abundant Energy Summit. I am so grateful for this wonderful summit and learning so much as we go.”

“I love all the wonderful information offered in these summits. Thank you all for all your time and hard work. The things I have learned in the summit has helped me change my health and educated me to help others. Ya’ll totally ROCK!!!”

“Really enjoying the speakers on your summit -exceptionally well informed and articulate, wonderfully guided by yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this”

“This just might be the best health summit I’ve listened to as yet because I find it do universally informative and helpful! And I listen to many!”

“THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU for the AWESOME ABUNDANT ENERGY  SUMMIT!!!!!!!! I have struggled with severe CFS & MCS for the past 30 years. I found the summit to be incredibly comprehensive and enlightening!”

“Received my USB penstick today on the Abundant Energy Summit and so looking forward to those sessions I missed and also taking a more in depth focus on those I have already heard, thanks.”

“I just wanted to say a special “thank you” for an absolutely OUSTANDING summit!
I’ve had CFS for about 15+ years and doctors here in Australia just prescribe antidepressants and a psychologist. You have shared so much valuable information that will help myself and others that I know who have CFS and adrenal problems.
I have learned SOOOO much from your summit and just want to give you a BIG HUG to thank you for how you have helped me and so many others!”

“Thank you Niki for all your hard work. There were some very interesting discussion last week that not only gave us lots of information but just as importantly gave us sufferers the knowledge that we have not been totally abandoned to our fate. There are people out there working to make things better for us. I just hope that as much of this information as possible filters through to the NHS as much of it seems to have significant impact on general health in this modern toxic age, not just for those with conditions like ours. I for one would be extremely interested in taking part in research into the condition, not just for my benefit but to feel I have helped to get that one step closer to a full understanding of this debilitating condition.Thanks again to you and your team for all your wonderful work. Enjoy your holiday you deserve it!!”

“I received my pen drive a couple of days ago. Thank you so much. I didn’t even have to wait the fortnight as stated. I was unable to listen to a lot of the speakers online at the time, but the ones I did listen to were brilliant and gave me hope. I can’t wait to start listening to the remaining speakers. Thank you so much Niki for organising this summit and giving us some hope that we can improve.”

“Very professional ear and eye opening. My gratitude and respect!”

“Niki, just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying your Abundant Energy Summit. I can’t imagine how much work you have put in to make it come off so well. I’m well informed but I’ve learnt so much, and frankly, even when I know the information, to hear it presented in such an approachable and upbeat way has energy-shifting properties alone!”

“Hello Niki, all your interviews are brilliant! You are extracting/encouraging the most out of these interviews/excellent focus, direction and clarity.”

“The summit is amazing!! I am really enjoying every talk!! Thank you!!”

“I can not express in words the gratitude I feel for getting a chance to get a peek of the newest research in this area and I see potential for further improving myself healthwise I am filled with awe at the thought of Niki having the vision to carry this project through to completion and congratulations to a fantastic job!”

“This is an incredibly informative and encouraging summit. As with so many summits I listen to this is about so much more than the “dedicated” title. If ill, it’s great, and if not, learn how to stay that way. Thank you so much. Love learning through these forward thinking individuals!”

“I have listened to 7 of the talks now and I am finding them very high level expert talks with so much to say about how people can improve their recovery. Seriously, the talks are high level expert and well worth the money. I’m very surprised shes selling the lot for so cheap! I am looking forward to watching today’s.”

“Niki, I am so impressed you put this incredible summit together and were such a great facilitator and so knowledgeable and had such insightful questions. Thank you deeply.”

“Niki Gratrix the summit has been brilliant so far, I’m an ex nurse before M.E. I’m so surprised with all these speakers that governments and doctors still think its psychological or non existant and don’t realize how much we suffer.”

“Excellent summit talks, Niki, and your interviews are very knowledgeable and illuminating. It’s terrific to have all these internationally pioneering speakers in one place to talk specifically on this subject this week.”

“Niki G, thanks so much for your deep insight and probing questions–you bring out the best in all you interview, and often, i wish it were you being interviewed by you”

“I “am so grateful to be able to listen to all these fantastic interviews which will contribute to a general understanding of this misunderstood fatigue-issue. I have been searching many years for a solution of Hashimoto Syndrome as well as Adrenal Fatigue or simply Fatigue, as my doctors here in Germany don’t have actual knowledge or are not interested in searching for answers, although I have been suffering for all these illnesses since a long time ago, and heve been through cancer (gut, breast and skin) three times with chemo- and radiotherapy every time. So it is wonderful to have all this knowledge from experts in the material through the Abundant Energy Summit and see confirmed all that what I already found out by myself. Thank you so much!! Feeling confirmed, I feel also stronger to keep on with my fight against ignorance”

“Being the last presentation of the Summit, I should like to thank very much the Sponsors of the whole issue and, especially thanks to Nikki who did a wonderful job with interesting questions which, I suppose, took a lot of previous preparation. I only hope that events like this will take place again and again, because there is a great number of people interested and looking for solutions of there own illness. Many thanks!!!”

Feedback on Individual Speakers



“This was my first introduction to Ken Wilber. He obviously has a great intellect and presents with a comfortable and comprehensive knowledge of this very complex 4 quadrant theory. Excellent presentation! Thanks. Looking forward to the rest of the program.” 


“Amazing stuff here and very practical, too. Having an understanding of where others are coming from and where you are on the spectrum helps make for easier connection and communication. I love how Ken ended the lecture talking about the 10% “tipping point.” I’m looking forward to that! Hopefully it will happen in my lifetime.”


“Fascinating lecture. My first thoughts were non duality and collective consciousness but it goes beyond that. Having studied the Enneagram and Ayurvedic medical system extensively I got a real feel for what Ken is getting across but will listen intently again when I receive the Summit programme. Medical scools, teacher training and politicians would largely benefit but I suspect it is a long time coming, without seeming pessimistic! Roll on the 10% integration though. Well done for bringing this too us and may we all be so enlightened. 


“Eloquently stated and a fascinating interview Ken. As a naturopath and psychotherapist, I would Iove to have some format or assessment tool to help me ascertain in a short period of time, which stages my patients are in so I can better tailor my suggestions and support to help them, thus achieving more compliance. I use my intuition now (on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) but would also appreciate some kind of questionnaire/assessment tool.”


“I’m so happy to see the new neuroscience aspect (limbic kindling), and diet changes like eliminating grains (I just figured this out this year!), and hopeful that more people and practitioners will find that they need to treat all aspects of their being, like Ken Wilber says, and all levels.”


“At first I thought your talk was a little over my head, but by the end, I totally got it!
The total big picture is mind boggling, and all of it makes sense! Thanks!”


“I have been working on a holistic model for understanding human health for awhile, using systems thinking… This is a model that I can use”


“Very interesting, informative and integrative approach. Beautiful! Thank You.”


“Pure Gold. Thank you Ken!”


“Nickie,Thank you so very much from the center of my spirit and heart and all of your wonderful and genius guest for sharing and pointing out and offering true direction to all of the humanity .All of us suffer for certain as the Buddhist teaching has so poignantly taught ,these wonderful phd science and health practitioners,especially Ken Wilber,my gosh,blessings and many more from the heart ,thank you 


“Dear Niki, The Abundant Energy talks were so valuable to me. Though I am no longer in the medical field, I am giving workshops – Listen Louder – that discuss communication as an energetic connection. As an interpersonal communications coach who worked with front line staff in hospitals, I know how important having good energy can be to ourselves and to patients. Your series, particularly with Dr. McCraty and Dr. Wilber, were invaluable to me to broaden my perspective. My work is based on Dr. McCraty’s research on coherent heartbeats and how they effect communication. You can see how important your work has been. Thanks so much.”


“Excellent summit, amazing to see the gap closing between Science & Holistic finally:) Espically loved Dr Klinghardt’s talk. Thank you”


“I’m in the queue of all above tribute to Dietrich Klinghardt’s brilliant information… If only all doctors would be that thorough when treating their patients. So, THANK YOU very much, Dr Klinghardt for being a true holistic healer. And Niki; I must THANK YOU for sharing this phenomenal presentation!” 


“Absolutely phenomenal! The first doctor that addressed the intuitive and spiritual levels, because they are very significant for healing. You are the 2nd person I heard speak on trans-generational issues or psycho-emotional issues in relationship to family biography and what our ancestors have suffered. Thank you Dr. Klinghardt for being so inclusive in your studies and approaches. My culture knows we suffer from trans-generational stress from living around such a violent culture in America. I have family in Washington I’ll visit your Institute.” 

“Thank you very much Dr Klinghardt. The valuable information shared in this session seemed tailored beautifully to address my doubts and questions. Feel lucky to listen to these words of wisdom. Wish you happiness and my deepest gratitude. And Thanks to organizers of this session.”


“What a wonderful, compassionate doctor and healer, Dr Klinghardt is. This interview was so inspiring and positive.”


‘Brilliant presentation, great insights, a healing approach that goes above and beyond what meets the eye and looks at CFS at a much deeper. much needed level, As alternative medicine practitioner and psychotherapist, I am very pleased to see trauma, even transgenerational trauma addressed as a frequent cause of CFS. We have seen this happening in patients for years. This lecture has connected a few missing links. Inspiring! Thank you very much, Dr Klinghardt!!”


“Simple & profound. This means only a microscopic % of chronic illness can be healed given the ignorance/cruelty of the status quo, limited resources of healers and the unwell. But there is hope for those who have the energy & financial energy to acquire the knowledge & wisdom to heal themselves.”



“Fascinating stuff from a true holistic healer. Dr. Klinghardt explained the levels very well, and I found it interesting to hear about the relationship between where toxins manifest in the body and unresolved emotional issues. And I had heard about childhood trauma leading to CFS before but couldn’t see how this related to me. Now that I understand that the trauma could belong to a previous generation, the origin of the own CFS makes a lot more sense. Thanks, Dr. Klinghardt, for your many powerful insights and information” 


“The influence of experiences in infancy and in childhood on emotional development, and the psyche/soma connection have been well known since Freud first described them, and have been elaborated upon by many after him. There is a wealth of knowledge in this sphere in the psychoanalytic literature, and that of child psychotherapy, The impact of violence, deprivation, abuse and trauma on the developing brain is now well evidenced and documented thanks to research in neuroscience, which has confirmed much of what we already knew. Dr, Klinghardt is fortunate in being able to bring into his clinical practice so much knowledge from different spheres, and his patients are truly lucky.”


“Fascinating, insightful, sensitive, thorough and inspirational. THANK YOU so very much for this talk and THANK YOU Dr Klinghardt for the work and for sharing your knowledge and experiences.. I feel as though so many thoughts that I have had about health and healing have been eloquently and coherently expressed here. Thank you again and again.


“Dr. James Oschman! Absolutely brilliant. Essential listening to understand why touch therapies work so powerfully.”


“Loved this talk! What a blessing this man is. It was incredibly interesting…all of it… listening to him talk about the correct knowledge of the structure of our cells, the living matrix, and then going in to the celestial and earth propterties. Wow, I LOVE hearing about this stuff. You all have given me hope that I can get well and out of chronic pain. Thank you so much. This was a great interview Nicki and Dr Oschman. God bless you BOTH!” 

 “Absolutely brilliant interview full of essential info! Tomorrow, a walk in the grass – no shoes! My solvent induced ms now at age 60 creates fatigue big time despite an exemplary diet and lifestyle. Thank you Dr. James Oschman.”


“Fantastic! Incredible! I am so grateful for being able to attend this talk. It’s all so logical, and Dr. Oschman transferred it to us in a wonderful understandable manner. Many thanks! Now I’ll hurry to start with earthing.”


“An absolute brilliant session. Dr Walsh your book has led me to a Dr trained by You and I now feel well thanks to your research on methylation. I had 11 years of terrible health problems because my previous Dr had no idea of how to treat my symptoms. Thanks Niki and Dr Walsh.”


“Fantastic! Thanks Dr. Walsh for sharing cutting edge research information on Nutritional deficiencies in mental health issues. I hope you speak to many. many physicians from the U.S”


“Excellent, but Dr Walsh has really simplified the explanation of the profile of my daughter’s complicated condition, and he has laid out a strategy for pinpointing the needed tests to connect the underlying dysfunctions to specific deficiencies and imbalances. For this useful information I am profoundly grateful. Hopefully, we can now cobble together a complete wellness plan that will “energize” the healing process. The revolution in medicine as a result of the evidenced-based, “functional” approach of pioneers like Dr. Walsh is marvelous to witness.”


“Dr Jeff Bland: This is a brilliant discussion of the history and evolution in thinking from traditional approaches to “healthcare” into functional and other integrative ways of understanding the wellness of he patient. Kudos to you both!”


“This was an excellent introduction to the principles of functional medicine. And Dr. Bland’s talk really empowers patients, allowing us to be equal partners with our doctors and to take charge of our health and realize we can affect it positively.”


“Excellent interview by both Dr Bland and Nikki. Thank you,each day now I am starting to finally feel that there are people out there that do understand mine and everyone else’s uniqueness! And in turn I am finally able to embrace myself.Looking forward to listening to the next interview. Thank you again.”


“Brilliant interview!! Always love to listen to Jeffrey Bland’s pearls of wisdom. I am very inspired and hopeful for the future of functional medicine, Thank you very much!”


“Fantastic presentation. So wish I was 50 years younger then functional medicine would be the norm. Jeffrey Bland is brilliant.”


“I totally agree ! …and I am SO happy I have found this summit, being able to listen to this brilliant talk of dr. Bland -this interview- so THANK YOU very much to you both !!” 

“Boy, he’s a great speaker, and he presents the material so well, as you would expect from the father of functional medicine. He has great energy, big picture thinking, and he makes you feel hopeful”

“The was an excellent talk! Thank you Jeffrey Bland for being a pioneer in 21st century medicine. I love hearing more and more about this and hope that Functional style medical clinics will start cropping up everywhere in response to demand for it. In my own experience with chronic illness, I have seen first hand how conventional medical approaches consistently fail people. Numerous referrals to different specialists, who want to consider and treat every single symptom as if it is separate and independent of every other without any consideration for underlying root physiological processes or imbalances that might interconnect them all. Meanwhile, with the number of drugs being prescribed, people end up with a host of new problems or iatrogenic conditions. It’s time for change! I like that he discusses how patients can become empowered, and advocate for themselves, to become active participants in their own health outcomes. Awesome advice.”

 “Dr. Jeffery Bland talks about functional medicine in his presentation today and I think his work is remarkable. He speaks as if this is where medicine is headed in the very near future and I wish it were so. I live in San Diego where you would expect to witness this “cutting edge” philosophy but it isn’t present in the many doctors I’ve seen! I think pharmaceutical companies will fight tooth and nail to keep doctors in their pockets, passing out prescriptions for every individual ailment and the side effects. I think it’s going to take a lot of hard work for people like him to make this happen but not soon enough for us! I don’t have energy to fight, but if there is anything I can do, I will! Thank you, Dr. Brand! Go functional medicine!”

 “Very impactful, insightful & brilliant presentation. I so admire the forth-right nature & blunt honesty of the presenter who used facts & statistics to substantiate his argument. We could do with more people like Dr. Aristo. I salute you, Sir!” 

 “Dr Aristo Vojdani: Wow wow and wow. What a ton of knowledge and research.
Want to follow up on his research and get Vol 21 for further review.
I am beyond impressed.Sharing with others and bought the series.
I know I have been exposed and need to continue healing and treating others.
Thanks Nikki and blessings.”


“That was such an amazing talk! I feel like a learned so much! Thank you!”


“Dr Vojdani: Thank you for this absolutely brilliant talk!”

“This is a brilliant talk presented with facts and the best solutions available to us at this time to correct autoimmune problems. Thank you for this wonderful presentation.”

“Wonderful interview! Looking at the evolutionary path, and the hope for the future. I will definitely look into the books! and films that Elisabet Sahtouris recommended.”

“Simply marvelous to hear an evolutionary biologist explain how nature creates its own way. Thanks Dr. Sahtouris for sharing your many years of research with us. Cellular health is the 21st century method for sustainable health in addition to local food sustainability.”

“Ken Wilber and Dr. Sahtouris provide the ground-level rationale for understanding the deeper context of multi-level healing and longterm wellbeing. A world-centric perspective helps us to motivate us to cooperate with Nature’s innate healing powers — to all of our benefit. It all starts with healing our internal and external environments on a daily basis; without a wholehearted commitment to both of these, it is doubtful that true healing can be achieved. After seeing many years of people recover their and their loved ones’ health through functional integrative medicine, and experiencing my own strong successes, this summit reinforces my confidence in the new medical paradigm (even as the old allopathic one crumbles, bankrupting our countries and environment). Excellent second day; this is the most comprehensive health summit I have ever followed online.”

“Wonderful interview. the best for me, today. As I listen to these talks I see that CFS is also a journey of social and enviornmental activism. Maybe we are also tired because what our political and corporate worlds are doing IS overwhelming.” 

“Thanks so much for that, it makes so much sense, new food for thought for sure; the concepts delivered so naturally. I will also be looking into ‘Gaias Dance’, an inspirational lady.”

“I wish more people thought the way Elisabet Sahtouris does. Wonderful talk!!”

“Dr Wentz: having been someone who has taken the journey to self- discover the cause of her chronic fatigue as well as be a member of the pharmaceutical promoting community speak so thoroughly and thoughtfully was wonderful. Your information about assessment, environmental causes and natural and functional remedies was perfect! Applause, applause!”

“Fantastic information & I especially enjoyed getting information about medication from a trained pharmacist. There is a lot of info on the web about thyroid medications from totally untrained people”

“Fantastic information.I totally agree with you regarding changes in lifestyle when dealing this this type of auto-immune disease. By consuming nutrient dense foods which if possible should be organic. I have been able to help some of my clients with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis by eating organically, eliminating gluten, supplementing with well-researched natural products. With compliance, the gut and bowel function work optimally, nutritional deficiencies is maximally controlled. In general, the immune system is optimized. I normally recommend fluoride -free toothpaste for their dental care.”

“This is GREAT!!! Solid information on what to look for in clients who present with symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and yet have thyroid screening numbers within the “normal” reference ranges.” 

“Thanks-Giving to the Team!
Information very detailed specifically from the journey taken. Your body took the path of Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, while doing your studies in your mid 20’s. Wow! Also allowing us a short walk in the pharmaceutical community with the understanding that “Nutrients” chosen correcttly will definetly assist in the short walk, and run in life. You are a “GIFT” to the audientce. THANKS!!!”

“Brilliant overview of a complex subject at breakneck speed, and I learnt many new things I’d not heard or read before. At 65, with recurrent episodes of Severe Adrenal Fatigue, I think it is time for the Cyrex array number 5 – thank you so much for pointing me in its direction. I think it would guide me as to how to supplement on an ongoing basis (maybe Adaptogens?), and persuade me not to try to climb the mountains I did when I was 25 or even 40. And to keep up the Gupta technique on a regular basis! And to cultivate more of an “elephant skin” as a barrier, to ward off human toxicity, which is hard to do when you are so sensitive.”

“Why is it so hard to find a doctor familiar with adrenal fatigue, or knows about the saliva testing? So frustrating! Great information. I am really interested in an in-depth review of an adrenal fatigue diet, the best foods to eat or avoid.”


“Fabulous and content-rich. Very progressive and holistic perspective.”

 “Phenomenal lecture! Dr Pollack, you made me run to the beach mid lecture to swim and walk in the sand. Thank you for all the beautiful info on EZ water, I did not know about it. I will be trying out all of your suggestions and buying your book.”


“Very enlightening interview on EZ water, how to produce it, how we reduce it, and the benefits on the lymphatic system. In addition to the energy from light that drives the fluids through our small vessels (veins) and capillaries. Thanks Dr. Pollack I bookmarked your site. I’m doing the best I can to eliminate EMGs “IN” the home…”


“I found this fascinating – I often feel like I’m “missing” something and feel intuitively to juice and as someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and intermittent chronic fatigue, and can tell you it boosts me enormously within 15 minutes – but I always thought it was just the extra sugars in the blood stream.” 


 “Think you know water? Think again.Fascinating discussion with profound implications.”


“Great talk-really interesting including the link to the way earthing is so helpful. Thank you. Been going to get the book for ages so will do now”

“Amazing! Thank you so much Dr Pollack!”

“Very scientific, as a non-scientific person I had to concentrate really hard, but I came away with a very positive and hopeful feeling precisely because this illness needs to be understood on a purely scientific level before we will even be getting close to “curing” it or at least effecting a lasting improvement in functionality, if not full recovery.”


“Lynne McTaggart: Brilliant!!! One of THE BEST I’ve listened to this week. I am immensely thankful that I was directed to this Abundant Energy Summit. And I will definitely continue learning more about INTENTION from Lynne’s site.”


“Thank you very much Lynne McTaggart for your knowledge and Niki for being an astute interviewer!! This was such a rich, informative interview! I am now inspired to put my focused intention out there more!! Many, many thanks.”


“This was an outstanding interview! Thank you, Lynne. I intend to purchase some of her books. Nikki, this is an excellent summit. Thank you for your efforts in making it possible.”


“This was quite fascinating to me, the amazing power of the mind. I really like this session, it is hard to believe that just by using good intentions one can actually cause positive changes such as healing. She mentioned praying but I believe that just as good intention can heal so can pray, it is somewhat similar. I really like the story about the man who was pronounced dead and when he awake he actually knew what had happened. The mind is indeed separate from the brain, to me it is the spiritual part of us. I really enjoy this session new stuff to me, I never did physics in college.”


“Excellent discussion extremely helpful. Fascinating work and very well interviewed by Nikki. Thank you.”


“I have been so lucky to meet Fritz Albert Popp in the mid eighties when he was a close friend of my great mentor and teacher Peter Mandel, who developed Kirlian Fotographie for Diagnoses. As a very young lady I had no idea, where this would lead to….thank you Lynne, to remember of Popp. he was such a great one and very lonely at times thank you again.”

 “Patricia Fennell has provided an excellent framework for understanding what we as CFS patients go through, and I love the fact that she is involved in training those around us to understand our experience as well. This is critical work, as ultimately it will help remove the stigma around the illness. I for one am very grateful to her.”


“This was excellent, endorsed for me what I am currently going through, and acknowledges how I got here in the first place. The first time I’ve heard some of ‘my history’ put into context, verbally. I’m encouraged now that this isn’t all in my head, weakness, lazy/work shy. I just wish that the NHS weren’t so rigid in what they will/won’t accept regarding theories, research, diagnosis and treatments for chronic conditions. It’s taken 16 years to finally get a referral to an M.E Doctor, I’ve battled on my own with the help of books and Internet.
I’m so grateful for Patricia Fennell’s research,
experience and explanation of the traumas and stress incurred through having the illness itself, quite apart from external stresses from family/friends/employers misconceptions about the person and the chronic condition that they suffer.
I know I’m not pulling the wool over people’s eyes, and I doubted that people believed me, but I’m sure now that one person at least would not doubt the complex symptoms and problems with autoimmune disorders after hearing this really important talk. Thank you, so much!”


“Loved the emphasis on the spiritual aspect of meaning-making. For me it saved my life, literally, because I could not figure out how to live. My spiritual practice gave me the tools with which to make sense of what was happening, community, principles to apply to my daily life, and a meditation practice which in any case is now being scientifically proven to be extremely helpful with chronic conditions of all kinds. Great to hear a practitioner talk about this, thank you so much.”


“Such a realistic talk about people in various states/phases of illness and its various shapes! I’m there too at this time in my life. Thank you Patricia and Nik!. I’m grateful to be able to hear all of these brilliant speakers and would like to purchase the series, but after a lifetime of teaching can no longer work due to now progressive ms. I took notes.”


“Finally, someone who can put into words what I could not when seeking help after my first and second crash. I feel it was definitely added trauma to my health when I did not get the right diagnosis from doctors and how much friends and family made it even harder. Thank you Patricia!”


“Thank you! You really helped me with your presentation today. First of all: dealing with relapses. I would normally feel like failure, there was this huge emotional baggage attached to it. Not anymore! I have come from each single one stronger and with more insight. Thank you for helping me realise and vocalise that. Practically it has helped me to sum up all the things that would need to change so I can stay in my job. No, I can’t continue the way I used to. Thank you!”


“Really enjoyed listening to information about this work with links to the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Thank you, extremely thought provoking.”


“Thank you for your wonderful work and understanding. As a person who has suffered severely with CFS; bedridden, housebound etc. I am now after a very long tough journey, in the Resolution stage of the illness. Your discussion today was very informative and helps to validate the difficulties of this highly misunderstood illness.Much more public awareness is still needed.”


“As expected, a fantastic presentation by Dr. Rollin McCraty of HeartMath. He explains why whole body coherence is so essential in healing yourself and your environment. HeartMath techniques are simple and easy to learn but powerful, he talked about their amazing research work. I learnt a lot. So much here, and there is a lot on their website, too. A great intro to a final day focusing on practical applications of what has been discussed this week.”


“Thanks to both Dr McCraty and Niki Gratix for this talk. Once again, it was clear, informative and very inspirational, as well as feeling absolutely spot on – intuitively. I have been a follower of HeartMath for some time and have always found their articles to give me a lot of advice and information. Paying attention to these principles can be life-changing. Thank you.”


“Thank you again, I had heard of HeartMath, but didn’t know anything about it… know this series just gets better and better. Having all these ideas around in daily living opens up life even if you still feel rubbish, it makes life diiferent and leads to a healthier experience. This summit has been spot on for me. Fantastic.”



“THE BEST LECTURE ON THE SUMMIT, BY FAR! I have followed HM for years. Thank you so much.”


“For me the information from the speakers just continues to build toward deeper and more holistic connections. In terms of my expanding connectedness, Rollin McCraty is well placed. I have been on a journey aimed at reversing my cardiovascular disease by attending to the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of this life–finding ways to place myself in position to give life its best chance of living through me. (No mud. No lotus.) 
Seeing the mind-heart connection introduced here really adds to the sort of hologram of information-based understanding that this summit builds toward. Incredible! Thanks!”

 “I am sending my heart-felt appreciation for this fantastic presentation! This is one of my summit favorites. Thanks, again”



“Heart rate variability I am aware of when I get angry; I take deep breaths to calm myself down (bottom-up) as Dr. McCraty stated. Thank you for explaining Global Coherence Initiative. Thanks again Niki, looks like you saved the best for last. I have your website Dr. Rollin, thanks!”


“I didn’t think that I would have been interested in this topic, but I was so wrong. I really leant a lot, for instance I never knew that the heart produced oxytocin, and that the heart sends signals to the brain. Also that the heart can override the brain signals at times. Very interesting stuff. There is also the information on the HRV and the negative effect that trauma, toxins and loneliness has on it, and the positive effect that love has on HRV. And many others thing this quite fascinating stuff.”


“Thank you very much Niki for hosting this wonderful talk. I absolutely enjoyed listening to Dr. McCarty’s explanation of the power of heart…the electro magnetic field. Hoping and praying that I am able to heal myself by being coherent in my heart. Wishing you all the best!”



“Clearest depiction of science verifying the beauty and necessity of heart & spirit!”