The Speakers and Topics

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  • Basics of energy production in the body and the role of mitochondria and ATP
  • How to feed and reboot mitochondrial function and consequences of dysfunction
  • Importance of sleep, pacing, diet and basic nutrients for rebooting energy
  • Brain neurology and the amygdala hypothesis of chronic fatigue
  • Techniques to retrain the brain and the amygdala
  • Role of meditation, attitude and belief, physical interventions and personality types
  • Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity as causes of fatigue and stress
  • Why many people don’t immediately feel better on a gluten-free diet
  • Why gluten sensitivity has increased 400% in the last 50 years and how to test for it
  • How empathics and emotional sensitives can experience fatigue
  • Energy psychiatry as a provider of tools for the energy sensitives
  • Dealing with the 3 types of energy vampires: narcissists, guilt trippers and anger addicts
  • How “leaky gut” (intestinal permeability) leads to fatigue and autoimmunity
  • Understand the predisposing and perpetuating factors causing leaky gut
  • Diet, nutrient intake and lifestyle to optimize and heal the gut
  • Role of adrenal glands within the wider context of psychoneuroimmunology
  • Diet, supplement and lifestyle interventions to rebalance adrenal output
  • Internal and external factors which lead to imbalanced adrenal output
  • How high-sugar intake and toxins negatively impact mitochondrial function
  • Therapeutic interventions for D-lactate, hydrogen sulphide and LPS damage
  • Viruses in fatigue and therapeutic interventions to prevent and reverse infection
  • Moving beyond the biochemical paradigm when considering food and supplements
  • Diet and supplements from a biochemical, energetic, emotional and conscious level
  • Personalization and participation in your optimum diet
  • Learn how your microbiota determines how chemical exposure may affect you
  • How chemicals from the environment interact with the gut
Detoxify your home environment from chemicals to increase your energy
  • Stages of burnout and how adverse child experiences affect our health in adulthood
  • The power of releasing and letting go through the hero’s journey
  • How to build resilience for life and optimum energy
  • Introduction to Cell Symbiosis Therapy
  • Role of the electron transfer chain in information signaling and cell orchestration
  • Rebuild and reboot physical and electromagnetic mitochondrial function
  • Understanding chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
  • Difference from depression, challenging the “Yuppie Flu” myth and the role of pacing
  • Limbic kindling model for these illnesses on a psychoneuroimmunological model
  • Key organs and ways the body detoxifies toxins and repairs itself
  • “Phase III” liver detoxification and the profound role of the gallbladder
  • Listening to your own body, knowing its signals and psychological tendencies
  • Cutting-edge testing for DNA sequencing of the gut microbiota
  • Test for infections, viral load and the importance of ruling out Lyme infection
  • Common markers useful for testing immune dysfunction in chronic fatigue patients
  • Annie’s story of recovery from severe multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Limbic disorder’s role in chronic illnesses, including CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia and MCS
  • Learn the steps required for limbic system rehabilitation
  • How toxicity from the gut affects mitochondrial function and detox systems
  • Diet and the role of fermented foods in rebuilding the gut microflora and lining
  • Traditional cooking and farming techniques in personal and global health
  • Harry’s inspirational recovery story from 10 years of severe, chronic fatigue
  • Why 25% of our energy comes from ATP and the rest from “vital force” energy
  • How earthing, structured water, circadian rhythms and similar factors control our biology

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General Feedback on The Abundant Energy Summit and Host


(Feedback on individual speakers from the summit is below)


“These were a fabulous group of speakers.  The information was encouraging, and reinforced the direction I am being lead.  Loved the cellular information, the microbiome, the energy medicine and how so many therapies are really connected.  Your questions and organization of the topics were like opening into a bigger room each time we entered it.  Truly grateful for this opportunity to be part of this Abundant Energy summit.”

“Nikki, this was one of the most informative, diverse, and comprehensive lifestyle wellness/health promotion events I’ve attended. If every conventional physician in the US could appreciate–and listen to– this Summit, the country would be much more radiantly well! I actually think every conventional doc has a moral imperative to listen–We must continue to move away from sick-care and return to a healing path. You’ve done an outstanding job of making it quite possible for anyone listening to be more well NOW. In deep respect and gratitude.”

“I am thrilled and grateful to have come across your Summit; it has contained so much educational and specifically scientifically-based, detailed information. I am really excited about the new information to which I have been exposed and which I will continue to investigate going forward. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces with loved ones and I will continue doing that too. THANK YOU!!!!!”

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent series of lectures during the Abundant Energy Summit. I want to compliment you as an interviewer/moderator. You are the best I have heard. You are able to bring out information from the interviewee, contribute related information and not dominate the interview. You have an excellent skill with this and thank you for setting up this summit.”

“I’m enjoying the Abundant Energy Summit. It is wonderful information like  no other. You have organized the speaks in a very  succinct manner and the content is ‘out of this  world’… that where perhaps,  we all intercommunicate and transcend. You have been very organized for this summit an your summaries and questions are so well thought out and helpful. In Gratitude!”

“Niki and team: I attend a lot of webinars, summits and seminars as I am a board certified holistic nutritionist, always looking to learn more, get more in my toolbox, etc. Niki I had never heard of you before this but the name of course of the Summit Abundant Energy caught my attention and the amazing line up of speakers. You have done, in my opinion one of the best Summits I have ever attended. It was all done very thoughtfully and carefully. You were a pure delight as you were not demonstrative, taking over the interviews, but allowed your guests to really pour out their knowledge. And the questions and interjections you did make were spot on.” 

“Niki, this is the second interview I am listening to, and besides the wonderful information presented in the interviews, I couldn’t help noticing what a natural and wonderful interviewer you are. I have listened to many online health summits, some of them lead by females, but you stand out. Some female interviewers (not all) were annoying, overwhelming and supressing the interviewed, trying to show off what they know, but you are straight to the point, brief, ask great questions and let the interviewed to explain the subject without interrupting. Yet it still comes through from your few comments how knowledgeable you are

“I wanted to post exactly the same sentiments. Nicki an outstanding interviewer, her wealth of knowledge is obvious but she allows every speaker to be in the flow of their expertise.”

“Your seminar has been fantastic!! I just listened to the encore presentations at 1:00 a.m. US time as I was out of town with work all day. Thanks again for this wonderful and awesome presentation” 

“Wow, I’m so excited that the flashdrive I ordered arrived today! I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon. I’m so glad to be able to take my time listening again to all the speakers.
A big thank you to all of the people who participated in this summit, it was fantastic, and a huge Thank You to Niki Gratrix for putting it all together”

“Niki, I was so impressed with you, wow, you are amazing, and so highly intelligent. Your interviewing skills are fantastic. The summit was truly educational and I certainly learnt a great deal. I wish you a very happy time off, and all the best. Thank you for the opportunity to listen to you and so many brilliant lectures. We would never have something like that in Australia.”

“Loved the summit!!!! Best one I’ve heard”

“Nikki- I have done so many summits and webinars over the years, but yours are so professional and well organized you put them all to shame. Your guests are fabulous and have enriched my practice so much! A big thank you to all and especially to you for putting it together!!”

“Excellent Job Niki, honestly that was the best summit I have watched/listened to ever bar none! I hope you will do this again next year, the high level/quality of speakers and your interviewing knowledge + style are all excellent! A1++”
“It was a refreshing reminder that there are people out there taking this illness seriously, developing theories and working to support people. It was a good mix of perspectives and ideas. Thank you for putting it together in an easily digestible format. Brilliant”

“I really loved everything about this summit.”

“In particular your skill with introducing people and taking the trouble to draw on all their experience. You welcomed the speakers with great appreciation and were so beautifully complimenting and acknowledging without encroaching or interrupting. The quality of this information presented was supreme. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for all the fascinating revealing interviews you gave me the privilege of accessing. Even though I am not a practitioner I fully resonated with every one of the highly educated speakers you interviewed. I’m sure lots of people in the future will benefit. Bless you & all the people that helped you to get this information to the people of this planet.”

“A heartfelt thank you……… keep up the good work, humanity needs more inspirational teachers like yourself.”

“After needing to catch-up on “the latest” in this field, I feel I did, and my thanks to all the doctors and scientists working on it! Please do an update next year. You are doing SO much good for a population trying so hard to get well.”

“Hi, Niki. Fantastic summit all the way through. Great job! That was a lot of work. I learnt so much from world-renowned speakers and missed very few of the speakers. I hope to purchase the summit at some point, and have told a number of people about it via my FB page and through my clientele. I hope you can have a well-earned rest now. You deserve it”

“It was a refreshing reminder that there are people out there taking this illness seriously, developing theories and working to support people. It was a good mix of perspectives and ideas. Thank you for putting it together in an easily digestible format. Brilliant.”

“Hi Niki, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the summit.  I listened to most of the speakers (some of them more than once!) and found it so interesting and helpful!  I kind of feel a bit spoilt, now!  Thank you so much, I am really grateful for what you and people like you are doing!”

“Your Abundant Energy summit was superb, possibly the best summit I have listened into, due to the comprehensive and varied range of speakers, each an expert in their field and highly qualified.  The way you interviewed them brought out the best in them, and it was obvious they very much enjoyed your interviews.  I liked the fact that you did not speak about your own health issues, but made points, and asked questions that reflected your knowledge of their work, and the topic in general.  I was so glad that the speakers were not just biochemically oriented, and that you invited Ashok Gupta, for example, whose method more or less resolved my own CFS relapse very quickly some seven years ago.”

“Niki:”thank you to Dr. Tom O’Bryan for giving me the inspiration and the confidence to run a summit” – My goodness, he was certainly right to say you could do it. You were marvellous. Your questions were so knowledgeable they really brought out the passion in the speakers. Thank you again.”

“Thank you for all the hard work to put this all together. So much information it was just so great !”

“BRILLIANT SUMMIT… What an achievement!!… Thank you Niki.”

“Firstly I want to thank you so very much for linking me to the Abundant Energy Summit. I really so enjoyed listening to your discourse, and to the many other professionals, it all made such sense to me after experiencing the chemical poisoning. I was just so inspired and excited by what I heard, and Niki was such a brilliant interviewer.”

“Thank you soooo much for all your hard work in putting on such an amazing summit with brilliant speakers! my flash drive arrived today and i look forward to hearing the interviews again and again 😉 really enjoyed this summit… best summit yet! also, you’re an excellent interviewer; energetic, great questions and it was clear that you really grasped the material so dialogue was stimulating. A heartfelt thank you to you!!!”

“Thank you very much for your wonderful interviews with these leading experts!”

“Thanks for the energy report and your care!”

“Thank you so very much for this great event, which was fantastic!!!!”

“I have listened to many summits in my search for improving my health and this is the first one I have found to be so well rounded in its approach. We are all unique so our healing journey is going to be unique too and your summit allowed us to understand never to give up. One size does not fit all! I have never sensed  that other summits were going to truly answer my questions and be worth my investing in so I have attempted to listened to each of the speakers and written down the info I thought was of help to me. For some reason I knew that yours was different,be at the forefront of understanding and bought it just before it started. Each one I have listened to has given me some much to think about. Thank you so much Niki, for putting together so much ground breaking info,for people like myself that are limited in finance,understand a lot but need more information to be able to see their way forward. After a spell of feeling like just letting go and come to the conclusion this is my life you have given me hope again to keep searching.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to these presentations.  I was tremendously impressed with the qualifications, knowledge, experience, and research backgrounds of the speakers.”

“Dear Niki, Abundant thanks again for a brilliant webinar! SO helpful that I put in for a second order in. Have a good rest-you’re a brilliant and courteous interviewer of such very disparate therapists-well done! They were such a great bunch as well-all with such varied angles of understanding. You acted as the great narrator! Every blessing” 

“I just wanted to be sure to express my gratitude for this summit.  I have had CFS for 15 years and now have some very good new resources to try.  I never expected to hear so many people speak on exactly what I am dealing with and it was so incredibly motivating and helpful.  Thank you so much!”

“What you pulled off with your Summit was just extraordinary. It was brilliant – thank you so much!”

“Phenomenal Health Summit! I’m still getting so much out of the interviews.”

“Thank you Niki for putting this together. I learnt that not only am I doing really well so far and am on the right track but that there are 5 levels of healing. I have been doing many things for 12 years to heal, I figure I must be near the tipping point, and then I learnt about the other levels. So now I am turning my attention to my spirit, family history, past lives, quantum physics, my HRV, the energy of being. Things that make amazing sense once they are spoken of. Just climbing past the societal taboos that I have internalised!
I am feeling confident and hopefully since listening to this Summit.
This is very GOOD thing you have done. Thank you for how you are radiating! For what you are sending out into the field!
With Gratitude”  

“I can’t thank you enough for the excellent information that was presented, and the professional quality of organization and planning that went into preparing this Summit.  Niki was an excellent facilitator – knowledgeable, and able to respond to the speaker’s information and ask relevant questions to enhance the presentation – without stealing the focus away from the speaker.  She has a real gift for this.”

“Niki – I have listened to many summits. You are the best moderator. Congrats on doing such a fantastic job!!”

“You have done exceptional work here, I can see your summits getting huge, It pieced together a lot of info. that i have been veering towards intuitively, you have proven it for me now,…Keep up the great work!”

“This summit has been really exactly what I have needed both personally and professionally! Again Thank You so much for all you have done to make this all possible! A few of my friends are thinking about buying in to the program. I wasn’t sure I could afford it but am considering it now that I have listened over the past few days! Again thank you so much for this treasure! With LOVE”

“Many thanks for all the talks on the summit and all your hard work. A lot to think about and work through!”

“Thanks Niki, fantastic summit (my favourite so far) and I’ve learnt so much to apply into my own life and help clients”

“I’m watching as many presentations as possible and am bowled over by the quality of the information and speakers”.

“So many great speakers at the summit that it’s really tough to choose. And Niki, you did such a fabulous job interviewing each and every one.”

“All the speaker were absolutely brilliant and Niki, your interviews were spot on! You were gracious and complementary and artfully helped to bring out every last diamond of information in each topic, while making is seem effortless. You are a really smart cookie! Spectacular Job! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to all involved.”

“The Abundant Energy Summit is going on as I type this post out to you! It is fantastic and the speakers are outstanding. It’s free daily – you can also buy in to the sessions to listen when your time allows.  Niki is brilliantly leading us through each session with great reflection wisdom and insight.  Wishing you an abundance of LOVE and Energy!”

“I just want to say thank you so much for your summit! I haven’t missed a talk yet and I’m learning so much, things I would have expected the CFS clinic i visited to have told me. Even the talks I expected to be a little be over my head were so well explained and you’ve given me so many things to think about and discuss with my Dr, I hope the rest of the summit is as amazing as the first half. I can’t explain the hope you’ve given. Thanks again.”

“Niki, wonderful, wonderful summit. Thank you!”

“I am in awe of the Abundant Energy Summit. I am so grateful for this wonderful summit and learning so much as we go.”

“I love all the wonderful information offered in these summits. Thank you all for all your time and hard work. The things I have learned in the summit has helped me change my health and educated me to help others. Ya’ll totally ROCK!!!”

“Really enjoying the speakers on your summit -exceptionally well informed and articulate, wonderfully guided by yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this”

“This just might be the best health summit I’ve listened to as yet because I find it do universally informative and helpful! And I listen to many!”

“THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU for the AWESOME ABUNDANT ENERGY  SUMMIT!!!!!!!! I have struggled with severe CFS & MCS for the past 30 years. I found the summit to be incredibly comprehensive and enlightening!”

“Received my USB penstick today on the Abundant Energy Summit and so looking forward to those sessions I missed and also taking a more in depth focus on those I have already heard, thanks.”

“I just wanted to say a special “thank you” for an absolutely OUSTANDING summit!
I’ve had CFS for about 15+ years and doctors here in Australia just prescribe antidepressants and a psychologist. You have shared so much valuable information that will help myself and others that I know who have CFS and adrenal problems.
I have learned SOOOO much from your summit and just want to give you a BIG HUG to thank you for how you have helped me and so many others!”

“Thank you Niki for all your hard work. There were some very interesting discussion last week that not only gave us lots of information but just as importantly gave us sufferers the knowledge that we have not been totally abandoned to our fate. There are people out there working to make things better for us. I just hope that as much of this information as possible filters through to the NHS as much of it seems to have significant impact on general health in this modern toxic age, not just for those with conditions like ours. I for one would be extremely interested in taking part in research into the condition, not just for my benefit but to feel I have helped to get that one step closer to a full understanding of this debilitating condition.Thanks again to you and your team for all your wonderful work. Enjoy your holiday you deserve it!!”

“I received my pen drive a couple of days ago. Thank you so much. I didn’t even have to wait the fortnight as stated. I was unable to listen to a lot of the speakers online at the time, but the ones I did listen to were brilliant and gave me hope. I can’t wait to start listening to the remaining speakers. Thank you so much Niki for organising this summit and giving us some hope that we can improve.”

“Very professional ear and eye opening. My gratitude and respect!”

“Niki, just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying your Abundant Energy Summit. I can’t imagine how much work you have put in to make it come off so well. I’m well informed but I’ve learnt so much, and frankly, even when I know the information, to hear it presented in such an approachable and upbeat way has energy-shifting properties alone!”

“Hello Niki, all your interviews are brilliant! You are extracting/encouraging the most out of these interviews/excellent focus, direction and clarity.”

“The summit is amazing!! I am really enjoying every talk!! Thank you!!”

“I can not express in words the gratitude I feel for getting a chance to get a peek of the newest research in this area and I see potential for further improving myself healthwise I am filled with awe at the thought of Niki having the vision to carry this project through to completion and congratulations to a fantastic job!”

“This is an incredibly informative and encouraging summit. As with so many summits I listen to this is about so much more than the “dedicated” title. If ill, it’s great, and if not, learn how to stay that way. Thank you so much. Love learning through these forward thinking individuals!”

“I have listened to 7 of the talks now and I am finding them very high level expert talks with so much to say about how people can improve their recovery. Seriously, the talks are high level expert and well worth the money. I’m very surprised shes selling the lot for so cheap! I am looking forward to watching today’s.”

“Niki, I am so impressed you put this incredible summit together and were such a great facilitator and so knowledgeable and had such insightful questions. Thank you deeply.”

“Niki Gratrix the summit has been brilliant so far, I’m an ex nurse before M.E. I’m so surprised with all these speakers that governments and doctors still think its psychological or non existant and don’t realize how much we suffer.”

“Excellent summit talks, Niki, and your interviews are very knowledgeable and illuminating. It’s terrific to have all these internationally pioneering speakers in one place to talk specifically on this subject this week.”

“Niki G, thanks so much for your deep insight and probing questions–you bring out the best in all you interview, and often, i wish it were you being interviewed by you”

“I “am so grateful to be able to listen to all these fantastic interviews which will contribute to a general understanding of this misunderstood fatigue-issue. I have been searching many years for a solution of Hashimoto Syndrome as well as Adrenal Fatigue or simply Fatigue, as my doctors here in Germany don’t have actual knowledge or are not interested in searching for answers, although I have been suffering for all these illnesses since a long time ago, and heve been through cancer (gut, breast and skin) three times with chemo- and radiotherapy every time. So it is wonderful to have all this knowledge from experts in the material through the Abundant Energy Summit and see confirmed all that what I already found out by myself. Thank you so much!! Feeling confirmed, I feel also stronger to keep on with my fight against ignorance”

“Being the last presentation of the Summit, I should like to thank very much the Sponsors of the whole issue and, especially thanks to Nikki who did a wonderful job with interesting questions which, I suppose, took a lot of previous preparation. I only hope that events like this will take place again and again, because there is a great number of people interested and looking for solutions of there own illness. Many thanks!!!”

Feedback on Individual Speakers

“Niki that was a Brilliant interview with you & Sarah Myhill, you covered so much good content in a short time, I have shared a link to this with several people who are healing CFS as this is rich with good information & also well rounded/holistic view of healing that you & Sarah have. Really big thumbs up to you for putting this together, you + your work is so purposeful, sending you a big dose of Gratitude for all that you have done/are doing & sharing. Looking forward to the interview with Ashok & others”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your summit. i haven’t missed a talk yet. I particularly enjoyed Harry Massey and Dr Myhill”

“Just heard Dr. Myhills voice for the first time! She sounds just like I imagined her: reassuring, super energetic, matter-of-fact, sparkling intellect… Wow she is like an avalanche! I wish this would go on Youtube at some point, that could potentially save so many who have not heard of her!”

“Brilliant, Dr Myhill. Thanks so much for this practical, clear, energised, wise, encouraging, intelligent and utterly inspiring talk. And for the years and years of research and commitment you have put into making it possible. I feel very, very lucky to have been ‘present’ from my home in Greece.”

“This is brilliant, so easy to understand when listening to Dr Myhill’s explanation, it sinks in better than it does when reading. Many thanks to Dr Myhill for her inspirational books and talks – I wish NHS would take it on board, everything is such a battle, that’s before even addressing the M.E/CFS/Fibromyalgia”

“I am a BSc Nutrition graduate who gained no improvement to ME fatigue from extensive nutritional intervention including Dr Myhill’s testing and full supplementation regimen and diet but experienced significant improvement with the Gupta programme. I was bedbound but now am out of the house regularly. I continue to improve especially when I remember to use it!!”

“Ashok Gupta: HIGHLY informative, practical steps, excellently presented. I am so glad that I watched this particular presentation.”

“Great interview with Ashok Gupta and thank you both for your insights. The concepts were very well explained and I totally agree that a key part of the CFS picture is limbic hyper-arousal and general hyper-vigilance which may have been set-up in childhood. As a former CFS sufferer I do have to be aware or my ‘over-response’ to life’s normal stresses and I think that our whole species may need to become more conscious of this now.”

“Ashok Gupta: Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. It all makes sense and has helped me to understand how the structures of the brain interact”

“Very good information on limbic kindling (like kindling a fire) Ashok Gupta. I have a self-healing effect, and use supplemental tools like prayer to help me. In addition to changing my emotional state, reversing the process is timely —- yet worth it. Thank You! I hope you get the $200,000 grant for your clinical trail, your research work is cutting-edge, 21st Century results.”

“Dr. James Oschman! Absolutely brilliant. Essential listening to understand why touch therapies work so powerfully.”

“Loved this talk! What a blessing this man is. It was incredibly interesting…all of it… listening to him talk about the correct knowledge of the structure of our cells, the living matrix, and then going in to the celestial and earth propterties. Wow, I LOVE hearing about this stuff. You all have given me hope that I can get well and out of chronic pain. Thank you so much. This was a great interview Nicki and Dr Oschman. God bless you BOTH!”

“Excellent!!! My God, I thought Dr. Jason was talking about me. I learned such a lot and I have now a lot of medical dates to take to my endocronologist to discuss and treat my high level of cortisol. I am constantly under stress like that, but doctors here in Germany do not consider it really important and are very reluctant to order an analysis of the adrenal and pituary gland, they simply don’t treat you correspondingly. I have been through cancer, chronic sinusitis, extreme hair loss, terrible fatigue and considered as an exagerate person. I am so glad to have been able to listen to this interview and to know that there is an expert in Chicago who knows all about this illness. Thank you so much!!!”

“Thank you Dr Jason – wonderful explanation and so compassionate. Very important comparisons and info. Hope more people can start to understand this”

“Dr Jason: A brilliant interview with a man who truly understands M.E. I wish all our G.P;s would listen instead of labelling us all as being depressed,
I would certainly be interested in taking part in the research questionaire.
i have lived with M.E. since 1985″

“Superb interview. Thank you, Dr. Jason, for addressing the issue of the stigma against CFS/ME. As you point out, people with other illnesses don’t face skepticism about whether they’re actually sick or not, complete indifference, or actual criticism, and there’s no question these things significantly inhibit our recovery. It’s time that health professionals took us seriously. I also appreciated your differentiating CFS from depression. So often I have been told that I’m “just depressed” (as if this were insignificant) when I’ve always known this isn’t the case–I have that big list of things I want to do that you mentioned is typical of those with CFS.”

“I respect Dr. Jason and am immensely grateful to him for all the work he does on behalf of ME/CFS sufferers. This was an excellent sort of introduction to the questions that most people involved with ME/CFS patients want to know. I wonder how many doctors and other medical and caring professionals are hearing this presentation.”

“Harry Massey: I loved this interview! Back in 2011 I got extremely ill and doctors could not figure out what it was so I took matters in my own hands. Since then I got the 25% (diet ) right and I am still here and doing great. Only last year I learned what I had was Lyme Disease. Listening to this interview made a l lot of sense as the one thing that really made me feel great is that 75%! I have, since a little girl, known that everything is energy, including ourselves of course. This ‘energy’ to me is everything our food, air, thoughts, feelings…. I call it God for short. :).” 

“It seems that I have been focusing mostly on nutrition with a little colored
and full spectrum lights. This is profound! Harry is steering me into the right direction. Wonderful will be reading his books. Great Presentation, really got my attention. Bravo”

“I liked this presentation for bringing a new paradigm for wellness into the treatment of CFS (and anything). Harry Massey’s work is quite revolutionary, a work of true invention. I do admire him for what he is bringing to the world. An original thinker, and he provided many ways to help us in our recovery, mainly to get us out of our stuck ways and stuck beliefs. I know some elderly people who go to the beach all year round, first thing in the morning, walk barefoot on the sand, take a dip in the sea, have their breakfast with them, and leave when the sun gets too high and hot. They are all the picture of health.
The other excellent method for recovery is EFT – Gary Craig’s system. Use it for anything and everything, both emotional and physical on an ongoing basis and for maintenance.
I have to say that I have used nutritional support for post CFS
mitochondrial dysfunction, with only limited success. Eventually, I got better just with using the Gupta Technique.”

“Thank you Dr O’Bryan for, as Nikki said, a crystal clear delivery of this vital information. It makes perfect sense and I am so grateful to have access to these talks so again thank you all.”

“Dr O’Bryan is always direct and easy to follow. Information so helpful to understanding possible gluten issues. So appreciate your devotion to this subject.”

“Thank you so much, Dr. O’Brian! This was valuable information for someone who is suffering, or better, who was suffering from food sensitivity until I found out by myself what was wrong. It was great to hear from you what might be a problem for so many people who just don’t know it. But here in Germany I have to fight a terrible battle against old-fashioned practioners and specialist and just don’t want to treat you in a better way according to new comprehension. I am so grateful to be able to listen to this Summit of the best experts in this matter.”

“Thank you so very much for this information. It is unbelievable that we don’t access to this information generally. Thank you, Dr. Obrien. And Nikki for organizing this. This is life changing.” 

“This information on celiac and gluten sensitivity was my favorite session so far. I really learnt a lot about this topic and now have a clearer understanding of this healthy problem. This information was excellent and I think might help me in my own life in relation to my diet. Thank you” .

“Brilliant! By using analogies to the pearl necklace, Dr. O’Bryan makes this complex information so I could understand. I am hoping that general practitioners will be listening and put into practice the use of these tests from Cyrex labs. I also like how he said the part of the body which is the weak link–gut, brain, bones, etc. will be how this manifests itself. Thanks, Dr. O’Bryan for this excellent explanation of your life’s work.”

“Brilliant! Dr. O’Bryan has increased my understanding of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity–and why it is so prevalent today–by leaps and bounds.”

“I have heard Dr O’Bryan speaking many times on the subject of gluten sensitivity and each time I gain more understanding of its implications for health and disease. Dr O’Bryan is utterly convincing and determined we are going to take these messages on board in a pro-active way and act upon the information, As I’ve said before, he takes no prisoners and you’d better get clued up on this vital topic if you want to be an effective health care practitioner.”

“Thank you so very much for this information. It is unbelievable that we don’t access to this information generally. Thank you, Dr. Obrien. And Nikki for organizing this. This is life changing.”

“Tom Malterre’s talk was so helpful and so cutting edge – I heard things I’ve never heard before and a lot of it was valuable for my own health and awareness! Thanks so much!”

“What wonderful several areas…I learned so much from this master of nutrition and so much more, that effects our bodies. Thank you for sharing all this with us.”

“This is the first time I heard about Allostatic load. But microbial imbalances are talked about a lot in functional medicine, just the 2nd time I heard it in the Abundant Energy summit. Thanks for the great information and explained so succinctly.”

“Tom Malterre: Wonderful interview, great info! He is a master on nutrition. Thank you.”

“This is great information in terms of how gut microbiota or rather, lack thereof, influence how the body reacts to different foods, and therefore influence if a person becomes intolerant to a food or not.
I love it.”

“I enjoyed this presentation and learned from it. I particularly liked the info about the vast amount of chemicals being put into our environment every day and the corporate pressure to cover up the damage they do to our health”

Excellent information, given in this session. Some of the information share here I was aware of before, but now my eyes have been open to all the harm that we face when our bodies are exposed to these harmful chemicals. I am thankful for this conference because of all the information I have received I will be making some very important changes in my life. Including what I eat and the products I use in my home.”

“Tom Malterre: Absolutely amazing and informative,precise seminar,thank you..!- “Health from Birth”, ” Chemical & Food Sensitivities”, ” Pesticide Exposure”

“Very impactful, insightful & brilliant presentation. I so admire the forth-right nature & blunt honesty of the presenter who used facts & statistics to substantiate his argument. We could do with more people like Dr. Aristo. I salute you, Sir!” 

“Natasha is a compelling, extremely interesting and knowledgable authority, addressing tradition, biology and political realities. I only recently was made aware of the frightening projected rise in the incidence of autism — 50% of children by 2020. If this isn’t a wake-up call to a nightmare future caused by nutrient-poor industrial farming and chemical toxins, I don’t know what is. As she says: who will take care of them (the other 50% will be largely plagued by health problems too)? If her view of the future seems severe, it is also unfortunately realistic given the direction we’re heading. I hope more people hear her and heed the warnings. On a personal note, as someone with CFS who has improved through diet and eliminating chemicals, I agree with her assessment (and other physicians treating CFS/ME/fibromyalgia) that it is a disorder caused by dysfunctional mitochondria often due to poor diet and toxic overload. Thank you, Dr. Campbell-McBride.”

“Not to miss this excellent and practical lecture of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. She explains why we are sick, but, most importantly – shows the way to recovery. And, no surprise, it starts with the healing of the gut”

“Riveting. I think she’s a genius. Hallelujah! I think I’m now seeing a garden in my future!”

“Dr. Campbell-McBride is absolutely right about not being able to trust the quality of our food unless we grow it ourselves, but for many urban dwellers in apartment buildings, cultivating vegetables and raising chickens isn’t a realistic possibility. As a side note, I think Niki is a wonderful interviewer who always asks the right questions. Bravo!”

“Fantastic lecture! Your lecture resonated with me on so many levels. I grew up on a small family ranch and so we had our own meat. My mother always had a garden (and still does) and so we had a lot of preserved food from the garden to eat from, year around. Also, we had chickens for eggs and meat. I learned how to cook from my mom, and through home economics during my middle school and high school years. I have been teaching my daughter how to cook. As Licensed Practical Nurse of many years and as a holder of Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, I agree whole heartedly that gut does indeed affect the mind, and yes, disease does start in the gut. I will be visiting your website for more information. I also agree with you about factory farming. We need to support the family farms, and do business with farmers markets.”

“Simply wonderful , doctor Natasha is a woman who is very passionate about what she does. She is a no nonsense type of woman, who says exactly what she believe to be true. I really like that she addressed the specific diseases and identify the methods to treat them. She knew exactly what she was speaking about, and explained the problem as well as the treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome as well as fibromyalgia step by step. I especially like where she said that the woman is the one who has the power to keep her family healthy. If she cooks and prepared the right type of healthy foods that her family needs in order to prevent some of the illnesses that is now plaguing the American society. I also like the idea of planting ones own garden, but some people do not have that type of space.”

“Thanks so much Dr. Natasha for “keeping it real” about the food industry. I am a cooker, my mom cooked daily, my grandma’s, uncles, aunts we still “cook” our own foods. I also remember my Aunt’s & grandma having jars on their tables of fermented foods. That’s my next journey. Thanks Niki for interviewing Dr. Natasha”

“Natasha gives so much hope for people in serious health situations. It’s a long haul to get healthy again but Natasha’s message will get so many starting to realise there isn’t a quick fix but it can be done. By undoing all the harm that’s been done over many years is the right way to go. I learned a lot from this talk and I’m very grateful. Thank you Natasha and Niki.

“Great summit Niki. One of the best I’ve heard. Love all the science and research presented. Alex Vasquez is one of my favorite speakers. He has a lot of great insights born out of his research. Want to look into his books/website.”

“Thank you Dr Vasquez for a fascinating insight to immune nutrition, etc! First on my to do list is to search for your books. On another note, the political systems and corporations are very much on a par here in UK! There is a greedy culture which pervades the entire system and is ruining the lives of many people. It’s time for a shift in values, particularly moral and ethical.
Thank you once again, your talk was fascinating”

“Thank you, Dr Vasquez for speaking out about the overlying truth of the political system and corporations! I get so discouraged sometimes, trying to get the truth out there and having it met with ignorance and parroted denial. Like you say Nikki…we just have to keep spreading the truth and wake more people up; and you are doing an awesome job of that..thank you for this summit!”

“Thank you Dr Vasquez. Great information throughout from mitochondria, electron chain, gut dysbiosis, viral activity, botanical medicines, supplements, to the “broader issues”. Best talk thus far.”

“Great info, and thank you for bringing up the political aspect. We have allowed this health crisis to happen with our naïveté, apathy, and blind faith to the powers that be. Change must happen, and it is up to us as collective individuals to take responsibility and do what we each are able. As a fatigued population, this is not easy, but it can be as simple as voting to as assertive as outright activism. Educating ourselves through these summits and being our own health advocates empower us and get us off to a good start. Thank you, Dr. Vasquez, for your knowledge and encouragement”

“Never heard of Phospholipid Replacement Therapy, but I do take DHA. I do appreciate the Anti-viral Nutrients (smile). Dr. Vasquez is right about college biology this is a refresher (electron transport chain), LPS & Mitochondria, I should get my study guide out of the garage (yes I kept it). Will check out the Inflammation mastery website about your manuals. Great interview!”

“Niki by far the best summit I have listened to so far the information is wonderful it addresses all of my medical issues. Dr Vazquez will be on my go to for information list. Thanks so much for putting on this summit!”

“Really interesting talk, explains so much about my health, particularly emotion and anxiety issues – I never understood the connection before. Have always been interested in nutrition, but this is a whole new level….lots of reading to do……Many thanks Dr Lipski”

“Thank you so much for this valuable information. Finally, I am able to understand what leaky gut really means and it shows me that most of my problems can be solved by healing the leaky gut which I definitely must have and suffer from. This was a great interview and I which I could transfer it to my practitioners here in Germany.”

“It was a very interesting presentation also very easy to understand. I think it is great and very important to link the psicological to the phisiological part. Thank you Liz !”

“Was introduced to Liz last year through another on line webinar. I work in the Wellness field and find her information to be extremely thorough and informative. I’m always excited to hear what she has to share. Thank you Liz and will most definitely look into your Educational Program for Practitioners!”

“Best Explanation of Leaky Gut that I have ever heard. Thank you.”

“Tanja Mijatovic PhD absolutely the best seminar after 3 days. Uniqueness of tests viral infections and CFS!”

“So interesting and informative. Truly enjoyed Dr. Mijatovic’s session. I have auto-immune hepatitis (taking Imuran to suppress my immune system) and several other immune disorders. For many years have been trying to find out what is causing other symptoms (most notably flu-like symptoms that could last less than a day or as long as 3 months straight-among others) and the current diagnosis is ME. After listening to Dr. Mijatovic, it may be very possible that sometime in the past I acquired Lyme disease (undiagnosed) as the symptoms for the chronic version are among the ones I have. So thank you Dr. Mijatovic and thank you Niki so much for presenting this summit.”

“This was a wonderful interview — gave good possibilities and options for testing.”

“Great information, just what I have been looking for, especially the immunity testing”

“Another amazing speaker, even as a lay person there is a lot of info here that I can bring into improving my health. Personally I’m really glad your guests are world-wide”

“Antony Haynes was a revelation! Anybody with an adrenal problem HAS to hear this!”

“Listened to Antony Haynes’s talk today. Excellent! He was very enjoyable to listen to. I posted a comment under that talk with my feedback”

“Interesting food for thought. So glad you have discussed the adrenals specifically in one of the summit talks. It’s an important piece to this whole picture.I also liked Mr. Haynes’s emphasis on spirituality. What helps is to put everything together in your life, and accept moment-to-moment realities. The craniosacral work I received and now do myself helps a great deal. I discuss nutrition, pacing, lifestyle, resourcing, and hormonal baselines with every midlife client who comes in my office. So important.Thanks again, Niki, for another great presentation. This summit has been very good. This is a first for me. Well worth my time.”

“Great information on the adrenal function, before this summit I never knew that so many organs have such an huge impact on energy levels. Also the impact of stress and the function of cortisol. Really interesting information. Thanks.”

“I need a Mr. Antony in my life and am wondering if he can be cloned. I’ve had disastrous results after being on glandulars for two weeks–they have lowered my cortisol significantly–and can only think the dose was too high and they probably contained medulla, which Dr. A. mentions causes shakiness and edginess. He is right to urge caution with these supplements; I wish my naturopath had been less cavalier about them. I have increased my B1 and B5 and L-Theanine, have adjusted my diet in the ways he mentions (more protein, especially for breakfast, and low-glycemic index carbs), and decreased the stress in my life in an attempt to rebalance. He has extremely useful information in this interview, covering symptoms, testing, and remedies. Well done!”

“Brilliant overview of a complex subject at breakneck speed, and I learnt many new things I’d not heard or read before. At 65, with recurrent episodes of Severe Adrenal Fatigue, I think it is time for the Cyrex array number 5 – thank you so much for pointing me in its direction. I think it would guide me as to how to supplement on an ongoing basis (maybe Adaptogens?), and persuade me not to try to climb the mountains I did when I was 25 or even 40. And to keep up the Gupta technique on a regular basis! And to cultivate more of an “elephant skin” as a barrier, to ward off human toxicity, which is hard to do when you are so sensitive.”

“Why is it so hard to find a doctor familiar with adrenal fatigue, or knows about the saliva testing? So frustrating! Great information. I am really interested in an in-depth review of an adrenal fatigue diet, the best foods to eat or avoid.”

“Fabulous and content-rich. Very progressive and holistic perspective.”

“I have watched many expert interviews on adrenals, so I was surprised to learn so much new information–I took more notes on this interview than any other–listened to it twice ! It was very helpful to me personally because I know my adrenals are screwed up and my doctors are at a loss for what else to recommend. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you so very much for this Dr. Haynes! This is a fabulous and informative talk. Wow, very timely for me and I’ve really learned quite a bit. I so appreciate you both for sharing”

“Anne Pemberton: This was an AMAZING interview. I’m overwhelmed at the depth and intricacy of knowledge that was shared. My husband has serious problems with a hiatal hernia so was so grateful to hear you talk about that. Loved the British accents of our cousins across the pond. Will be looking in to her book. God bless you both!”

“Thank you for sharing this information about the art of detoxification. I was thrilled that you included the gallbladder, the important role it plays and the problems that can arise when detoxing if yours is not functioning properly”

“Great information in this talk! Anne has really demystified what detox is all about and has provided a comprehensive overview of techniques of detoxing the various organs.”

“Fabulous! Makes me want to move to U.K. I’m so glad Anne covered kidney & adrenal support prior to detoxing; using a practical approach. Thanks for addressing colonics also, I’m glad I never went was skeptical about the machine – coffee enemas is what the clinical nutritionist recommends highly. I was interested in Castor oil packs as well – no one ever talks about these. Thanks so much Niki for interviewing this wonderful practitioner. so far unmatched!! This was like a refresher in biology and some physiology (LOL). 

“This interview was hugely informative, with lots of practical advice, as well as very educational. The detox processes can feel like one is functioning in a maze – which way next? The art of deciding which way to turn is so well described here, what comes first, what to do simultaneously, what needs to wait “til later. It has highlighted for me that we have to listen to our body for its reaction, and respect it and let it guide us. Thank you both for a comprehensive gallop through this huge topic.”

“Dr Deanna Minich: Eat more salsa! LOL. Fantastic presentation. She has great energy and makes it all understandable. I often think about the energy of the environment around growing our food and how it affects us. I love the discussion about setting intentions with food and shifting vibrations of the experience (a friend’s family runs a company called Intentional Chocolate, which offers chocolates blessed by monks – it tastes amazing), and also the chakra connections in foods. Thanks!

“Really EXCELLENT!!! Top-Notch easy-to-understand information; practical information. Much appreciated.”

“I love Dr. Minich’s spirit and the enthusiasm she brought to this topic. Although I knew about eating the rainbow, I appreciated her reminder to do this on a daily basis. As well, I was fascinated by the correlation she made between colours of food consumed and the chakras, and how our food choices often reflect attempts to balance these chakras. Who knew? This is great stuff! I am looking forward to reading her book, as well as to eating more blue and purple foods.”

“Wonderful presentation! Thank you Kindly! Love this speaker!!! Her works move mountains!”

“Whow!! What an amazing presentation such a refreshing approach. Love it thank you will be checking out the website.”

“Such an interesting twist or interpretation and a very good addition to my training as a health coach. Certainly we all know to eat the rainbow but this explanation as to why was a bit different and makes a lot of sense. An additional way to look at an important topic. Great information! Thank you so much.”

“Fantastic presentation. Loved all this information. Thank you so much.”

“Gilian Crowther: Fascinating discussion. Learning so much and was so happy to be introduced to Dr. Crowther’s practice and therapy info…good to know there are practitioners and dr.’s that they are training even if they aren’t available in the US. Surely someone here will be getting trained this info soon! Thank you for putting this on.”

Some of the highlights for me were: 
1) Gilian Crowther on mitochondria function and the work of CST and the academy, PHENOMENAL, which I will be looking into to see if I can study with them and become certified.
2) Deanna Minich is always a joy to listen to. And really all the speakers imparted something wonderful.

“Gilian: This was such an excellent interview,having a mitochondrial malfunction and to how involved the mito are involved in some many functions. Also why going down one path of treatment for the mitochondrial malfunction might not help. I have gone down so many paths and still not improved,diet,environment,gene testing. I look forward to understanding this further. I have hope again,thank you.”

“Very scientific, as a non-scientific person I had to concentrate really hard, but I came away with a very positive and hopeful feeling precisely because this illness needs to be understood on a purely scientific level before we will even be getting close to “curing” it or at least effecting a lasting improvement in functionality, if not full recovery.”

“What an insight and inspiring lecture by Annie Hopper! As someone who suffers from CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia and MCS I was able to totally relate to her health issues, and I thought the lecture was truly wonderful.”

“I first heard about Annie Hopper’s work through Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s monthly newsletter. Curious to learn more, I ordered her book after reading some pretty impressive reviews about it from Amazon readers. Nikki Gratrix,(whom has done such a wonderful job with these interviews!), aptly described neuroplasticity as a “missing piece of the puzzle”. I could not agree more with her. Next step for me, her Australia program next year! Wish me luck! And thank you Nikki and Annie for all of your efforts!”

I really learned a lot about the limbic system from Annie Hopper, the information was easy to understand and presented in a simple way. I have never done any studies on retraining the brain and learning how to overcome fear and other things that causes us stress or anxiety. And this was all very interesting to me. And I can totally understand that once the brain is functioning properly that other system in the body will begin to function properly as well. Great stuff. Thank you.

” Fantastic lecture! This complements Donna Jackson Nakazawa, science jounalist,’s, work on brain trauma caused by adverse childhood experiences. She’s her book “The Last Best Cure” is as groundbreaking as “My Stoke of Insight” So glad I heard Annie Hopper’s lecture – fabulous Summit – Niki!!”

“I really enjoyed this as a psychologist. Thank you for offering a totally different perspective to people who just cant heal.”

“Wow! Where were you Judith when I needed a psychiatrist like you so badly – I’m very grateful for this information now though (even if it’s 21 years late  ). I left the interview and went straight online to order your book.
Thanks again Niki (and your unsung team, no doubt) for pulling this summit together – it has been remarkably interesting, stimulating and oh so helpful.”

“This is the best talk on the summit. I’ve improved my health so much through diet, pacing and the microcurrent device called the Alpha-stim (that I believe helps rebalance the electrical energy in my body, it’s helped my sleep, memory and reduced pain). I think Dr Orloff’s suggestions are the final part of the puzzle I have to put into place to be as well as possible. Thank you Nicki.”

“I have read your amazing books Dr Orloff and they have truly put me on the right path to coping with life as an empath. I highly recommend your books to everyone out there as your information is life changing and your meditations are beautiful. Your lecture was absolutely inspiring. “Thank you” also to Niki for bringing such an amazing group of people together for this brilliant summit. It is so reassuring to know that there is an ever growing amount of experts in their field globally dedicated to helping us to improve our health and providing holistic care in a medical system which is currently so resistant.
I aplaude Niki for her wonderful interviews and each and every speaker for their specific information so brilliantly shared with us on this summit. You are all making such a positive difference in the world. Thank you.”

“Phenomenal, interview on intuitive insight from Dr. Judith Orloff. WOW! Now I can really protect myself from “Energy Vampires”, I knew I was sensitive emotionally; that is why I appear to be aloof to some people it is a defense tactic I use. I will buy “Emotional Freedom” with a pleasure. Great interview Niki, Thanks again”

“This is the first time I have actually heard about Empath, and I must say that the information was well explained. I can actually identify people who I know that are Empaths and see that I need to surrender and let go of things, without trying to control. This was truely an eye opener to me. And the energy vampires, the Narcisstis and the Anger addicts so true in your discription of them. Wow thanks for the information.”

“Getting out of your head and into your heart can be difficult for us analytical, empathic, emotional types. This would seem to show the way. I thought after 25 years of researching chronic fatigue that I had covered everything but here we are with another slant on things. . Mindfulness is a wonderful aspect of how we can resonate with our heart centre. Love to have psychs in the UK of this calibre. Reminds me of Dr Ellie Stein from Calgary and her similar approach. Well done on another uplifting and useful presentation.”

“As an ’empath’ I found this so enormously helpful and useful. It’s so important to know ourselves and understand that how we are, and how we deal with how others are, affects our health. Struggling with emotional vampires is the story of my life – I hope that will change now!”

“This is a MUST for Fibromites and CFS to take advantage of learing about free! Only available for today so take the opportunity to learn. I think a lot of us are “empaths” and I surmised a long time ago that this had something to do with my pain.”

“Dr Borysenko: Such a gentle, compassionate, and intelligent woman with great depth of insight. Loved the connection to Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’ and illness being possibly a journey of transformation. I wonder how many of us are in that ‘liminal’ stage of “no longer but not yet”? The amazing Martha Beck talks of these stages, also, and would make a wonderful speaker if you held this summit again, Niki, for she herself was bedbound for years with Fibromyalgia, prior to writing her first book.”

“I’m home sick and burnt out and it gave me the opportunity to listen to this summit. So I’m feeling that my body forced me to stop because I wouldnt let myself. How fortunate I am to have all this fabulous healing information right at this crisis time. Thank you.”

“This was brilliant – when everything is getting too much, wonderful advice that it is fine to do nothing, to have time to settle, think things through, and not to feel guilty because you are not doing something – for 2 weeks or even a month. Good to think about what story the patient is telling themselves to perpetuate feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and other negative feelings -retraumatising themselves and re-enforcing brain pathways – so interesting! “

“Wow! My favorite of all the presentations, thank you so much.”

“I agree with everyone that this was a fantastic presentation. Having recently experienced burnout and recovering from it, Dr Borysenko’s comments were very affirming. thank you so much for including this interview in the summit!”

“This was absolutely a valuable interview. I appreciate this as it deals with not only a patient, but a clinician — since we are all human beings, we may all suffer the same. Great job! And wonderful job Nicki.”